Prometheus: Prequel of the Alien Stories

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Prometheus: Prequel of the Alien Stories

Post  Aslinn Dhan on Thu Jun 14, 2012 9:11 pm

First off, I have enjoyed the Alien Franchise since the very first film, Alien, with Sigorney Weaver. That being said, I knew this was not Ripley's story, but I have to say, I was more than let down.

The scenery and special effects were stunning, but that is as far my positive reaction to this film will go. The rest felt like I had been taken to the cleaners. All Ridley Scot needed were big 3-d letters flashing on the screen saying, check out this bit I stole from 2001 A Space Odyssey, AI, and Contact and HP Lovecraft. Scot has managed to mine every other sci-fi film or story for the basis of Prometheus, even reducing the Alien into a clithonic amorphous creature and only at the very end do you see the Alien as we sort of know it emerge.

And the presence of Charlize Theron does not save this film. In fact this actress is so under utilized, you forget she is even in the film for long stretches. The story, flimsy as it is, does not evolve from the embryonic state it remains in for the entire film. What you are treated to are scenes that remind of you of other films and other stories. Prometheus never has a story all its own.

And that is a shame. There was a possibility of great potential here for a great story which could have stretched out further and connected Prometheus to the Alien franchise even more so than it did. Save your money and watch it on HBO...

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