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Post  Dragonhawk on Mon Jan 10, 2011 8:35 pm

I had this on another web site and so I thought I would add this to our website.

Like any other community we have developed our own way of discussing things and even created new terminologies to familiar words. For the new person to our ranks, our short hand can be confusing.

AB- this is Alan Ball, also known as the Source
Alskvard Overflod- For the Swedish impaired this means Gracious Plenty. (see Gracious Plenty)
The Adventures- This is how we refer to the season in the Countdown. Since we meet with Eric and Bill and Pam and Jessica to discuss what we have seen through the season, we consider ourselves participants in the action.

B- Books. This is one way your addiction to this world and its inhabitants may have started.
Backward Thinking- These are Vampires you have to watch out for. They still like to think of humans as meals on wheels.
Barbie's Fairy Playland This is generated form the mind of Rayelle Tucker...she really needs her head examined...this is the hippy dippy world of the fae Sookie retreates to when the world is just a little too fangy for her.
Bill Girl- This is person, generally female, who is totally devoted to William Thomas Compton.
Billgasm This is the wonderful feeling of exploding lust Bill girls experience in the clutches of their southern Vampire.
BW also known as the Biscuit Whore, the diminutive doll collecting virginal human pest who is trying to worm her way into Hoyt's life.

CH- Charlaine Harris, also known as the Connection
The Counselors- Though this title is fairly passe now that we are out in the open, we still sometimes refer to Bill, Eric, Jessica and Pam this way.

Eric Girl- This person, generally female, who is totally devoted to Eric Northman.

Farkler (pl. Farkli pl fem Farkla) This is a condition known to exist with the diet coke?slim fast versions of Vampires. The word is created with the combination of Fart + Sparkle = Farkle. See also Pussy.

The First World- These are the Books, written by the Connection, that is the basic blue print of our Adventures.

GK- Other "Swedish" product and another source of addiction.
Gracious Plenty- A term of endearment for Eric Northman, shorthand for the same, and a descriptor of a certain part of his anatomy. Also known as GP

Jessica Boy/Girl-- a person who is devoted to Jessica Hamby.

The Mutt- What Eric calls Alcide Herveaux, who will be making his appearance in the adventures.

Overcooked- To have so much Vampire blood you are dangerously close to being a Vampire.

Pam Boy/Girl- a person totally devoted to Pam Ravenscroft.
Pink Spandex- Legendary, almost mythic apparel worn by the Sheriff of Area Five. (see Sheriff of Area Five) Also known as PS.
Public Spouses- These are husbands and wives we may have in the open while our fangy spouses are a private matter.
Pussy- What our Vampires aren't. See Farkle.

Sheriff of Area Five- Eric Northman's official title. He is also the lead counselor of True Blood Anonymous.
The Second World- This is the world where we live in on Sundays Nights when we go on the adventures. These were created by the Source.
Sister Wives- Also known as Spirit Wives- Taking a page out of the Big Love play book, this is the enviable position of being in a co-operative marriage with a Vampire along with other people who share your devotion.
Skarsgasm An intense form of Swedish orgasm.

Tea Cup Humans- Babies and small humans. To some Vampires, they are very tasty, sort of like twinkies and ho-hos.
Temples- Sacred places where you can worship the objects of your desire.
Truebies- People who are fans of the show True Blood.
True Blood Anonymous- A Vampire/Human support group. Everyone should become a member. We meet on Wednesdays in the Countdown.
The Third World This is the world we cohabit with the counselors. They come and go, interact, date, make love , celebrate the seasons and sometimes co-conspire with us in this world. The First and Second World often effects us but we do not effect their worlds.
The True Death This is also known as final death or definitely dead

Virtual Opium Dens- You are in one, get over it now.


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