True Blood's Fandom: It is Just a Show

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True Blood's Fandom: It is Just a Show

Post  Aslinn Dhan on Wed Aug 21, 2013 4:21 pm

From Facebook

I thought I would just write something off site about the Season Six Finale in case there are some of you who have not been on the forum in a while.

I have been collecting the news and stories out there about the finale and the apparent death of Eric Northman and the way the show writers have Sookie's relationship. I really don't think the fans are getting it....Do you really think Sookie deserves Eric? Or Bill for that matter? I personally don't. And it doesn't matter to me if you are talking about the Book Sookie or the Show Sookie, she really doesn't deserve either Vampires.

And I knew they did not kill off Eric. I know what it looks like and how you all feel about it, but I think the writers meant it to be the cliff hanger like the end of Season One when we saw the big foot with the red toenail polish hanging out of Andy's car. It was the cliff hanger, not the mad Vampzies heading for the all you can eat buffet. I had no doubt this was a famous red herring and I knew then and I know now that Eric is not dead, and he will return but we just don't know how that will come about. In a way, his coming forward and solving the cliff hanger was sort of a let down. I liked knowing in my heart but waiting for confirmation with the next season.

I love True Blood, even through the stupid Maenad storyline and the way they butchered the faeries in the last seasons and the boring side stories which took us away from the main stories, namely the Vampires. Season Six did an admirable job of cleaning up the multiple storylines and making the shows characters some together in what will be a unified storyline for next season.

See, I am patient and I trust the storytellers to a certain extent and I am willing to follow them to the end. So long as they treat the characters with honesty, I am just there for the ride. I followed Charlaine Harris to the bitter end and though I joined the legions who hated the last book and the way she betrayed not only her fans but her characters (a terrible sin my book) I read every page and even read it twice and though I still didn't like the book, I was happy she had let it go.

Because I know something that she knows and every other fan knows and that is there is great fan fic out there. I am writing some pretty good stuff and I know others are too. I have never read a fan fic that put Eric with Sookie. What I have read is fans putting themselves with Eric and Bill and any other character that tickles your fancy. So let's just calm down here and try to digest what we have seen, review the season when they play the encore in a few weeks and just look at it from not just your point of view but the point of view of the characters and the actors and the writers.

Someday, folks, True Blood will end, and that is okay. There will be no stories left to tell. And truthfully, I am pleasantly surprised they have not ended it sooner with a half assed finale like the Sopranos or ended it mid storyline like Deadwood and Carnivale. They are famous for that sort of stunt.

Just try to enjoy it for as long as you can and relax people...It is just a show....

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