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Great Dramas on TV this Century Empty Great Dramas on TV this Century

Post  Aslinn Dhan on Wed May 07, 2014 3:17 am

I think that some of these shows have suffered most from the writing. I think a lot of times, we see the actors being judged based on the writing and I think this is especially true of True Blood. I think the actors of True Blood are real professionals who meet the challenge of what I consider sometimes faulty story telling by the writers. That is what I think makes the show a real winner in my opinion. And while I can't comment on all the shows, I have seen Sopranos and Walking Dead and few epis of Game of Thrones. And all these shows have had great actors in them that try and succeed in getting the story across despite some questionable writing decisions.

What I find abominable is the way critics will gush all over True Blood and then cut it down after the season and say it was bad or it was wrong or whatever and they often blame the actors. Stephen and Anna and Alex and Rutina and Sam and Nelsan and the rest have done a wonderful job and are real masters of their craft. And I think because they are masters of their craft, they have overcome the writing and made the story their own as much as humanly possible.

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