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The Vampire Seduction Handbook:Guide to the Ultimate Romantic Adventure by Luc Richard Ballion with Scott Bowen

This guide as told by the Vampire Luc Richard Ballion is a useful guide to the girl interested in the ultimate hook up.

Luc Richard is a two hundred year old Vampire and he spends much of his chronicle extolling the virtues of the many American women he has appreciated over his long life. Now I am not putting this book out verbatim, but systematically highlighting the more important chapters. You will have to buy the book to get the rest of the story, but you will like it.

Like Bill Compton, he was made during a time of war (The American Revolutionary War) by a Hessian Vampire. He states "For Vampires, the consumption of blood is sexual and it is endlessly pleasurable and complicated because blood is life for us and can keep us alive for many, many years. Sex is the icing on the cake for the Vampire.

He further observes: Some people will proclaim that sex with Vampires is tantamount to necrophilia...Vampires are alive, they eat, breathe, move and act on their instincts and can suffer a true death. Vampires simply fall in a different place in the evolutionary scale. This is much like Bill's assertion that we all run on magik, his is just a little different is all.

Vampires do love humans. They want nothing more than to protect you and will go to any lengths to do so. They are something of a righteous outlaw. Sort of like Bill and Eric's sense of justice being Vampires living among humans.

Vampires need us more than we need them. They still live in a veil of myth and fantasy to protect them as a community. They know that if they came out of the coffin, humans would go to war with them immediately.

Chapter One: The Vampire Lover

There is no one type of female that is more likely to attract a Vampire over another. Which is an excellent thing to know, you can be just as likely to have a Vampire human relationship as the next girl.

What is a Vampire?

They are the "Other Humanity". Undead is a misnomer. They do not know how their race began and much about them is a mixture of superstition and mythology and religious fear. They are not shape shifters but they are extremely strong and have keener senses and they can function on a low level during the day so long as they are out of the sun.. The sun does burn and kill Vampires.

Vampire Masculinity

Vampire men reflect the sense of masculinity of their time, so what defines masculinity in their time may not go along with the notions of present time masculinity.

Vampires cannot be monogamous in the sense that he will drink only your blood. He will however be sexually faithful to you. Vampires love humans because they remind them of life, warmth and, interesting enough, a limited amount of time. The fact that we are mortal makes us far more passionate, fiery and full of emotion. Isabel makes the same observation to Eric.

Does the Vampire Lover have to drink your blood?

Yes, simply answered. But the practiced Vampire will take care not to harm his human lover. If you wish to make love with a Vampire, you have to feed him.

Chapter 2 Vampire to Vampire Relationships

Male and female Vampires do create bonds with one another. It is simply a matter of like being attracted to like. Periods of love between Vampires are generally brief but they can span centuries with both Vampires going their own way to reunite some years later.

Why women fall in love with Vampires?

Vampires do not have exactly the same feelings of love as humans. Humans love each other to belong, be accepted. Vampires have these feeling because they simply do. When they do, they can be quite obsessive but that is in their nature.

There are quite a few reasons women fall for Vampires:

Intensity of feelings- This may have something with Vampire Glamour.
Protection- You have an automatic restraining order once you have been claimed by a Vampire Lover.
Power- Imagine being in some level of control of a Vampire who loves you.
Sex- A healthy, well fed Vampire can keep it up longer than a human man and they have decades of experience and can get it right every time.
Self Image- Engaging in a relationship with a Vampire who loves you will certainly change the way you see yourself.

Skipping Ahead- You will simply have to buy the book to see where you can meet Vampires

Chapter Four- Getting it On

This is what you really want to know anyway. Razz

The Key to Vampire Sex? A very active get them sexual thinking caps on. Flexibility, both figuratively and physically. They love to play at resistance, hide and seek in the woods or crowded places. Saunas and hot baths and massages. Vampires are not cold to the touch, but they are a little cooler than humans and they are hard to the touch (not just down there ladies, get your mind out of the gutter) Razz Any activity that brings blood to the surface of the skin and puts them in contact with your body is a plus.

Anything to do with your blood, like a blood cordial or a few drops of blood in the bath.

To be continued.....

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