The Worst Subplots of True Blood

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The Worst Subplots of True Blood Empty The Worst Subplots of True Blood

Post  Aslinn Dhan on Fri Aug 22, 2014 6:04 pm

I agree about most of the story lines but they forgot the maenad. Never in the history of TV/Movie adventures has a plot been so fucked over.

But, as Aolani and I were talking, we have for the most part loved True Blood and we simply try to ignore the parts we don't like. For the most part part, we love the Vampire stories and we have enjoyed some of the funny moments. There are times I do wished they had not made some characters villains like Calvin and the werepanthers and the fae and of course the maenad and some of the other incidental plots that have been carried out. Mostly because they add nothing to the Vampire story.

Some of the things have been difficult to watch. For example, Bill's descent into madness and megalomania as the vampire god and we don't care so much for some of the civil war stuff especially because it doesn't really have an anchor in the current story. Why know about all this stuff if it has nothing to do with the story at hand.

And then there are the gaping plot holes. One is where did Hey Soos family magik go after it wrecked Sookie's car? And one thing that Spookie Tooth and I noticed was they never showed where Pam and Eric lived. Did they just live in the basement of Fangtasia? How sad...

But all in all, no matter how the show ends, I have enjoyed the story for seven years and I know that so long as fan fiction is out there, there will be more stories to enjoy.

And the show is far and away better than CH books.

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