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Club Dead Book Three

Post  Dragonhawk on Mon Jan 10, 2011 9:39 pm

Club Dead Plot summary

Club Dead takes place at the beginning of December. Bill is working on a computer program and tells Sookie that he will have to travel to Seattle, alone. Days later, a werewolf attacks Sookie at Merlotte’s, but Bubba, who has been sent by Eric to protect Sookie, kills the attacker before he can seriously hurt Sookie. Later that night, Eric, Pam and Chow inform Sookie that Bill has actually been in Mississippi because Lorena, Bill's former lover (and maker, as you later find out), had summoned him.

Eric tells Sookie that Bill had called saying he was shortly going to come back to Bon Temps, but did not tell Sookie, so he could arrange her future care before he saw her again. Eric also tells Sookie that the queen does not know about Bill’s disappearance and that Eric needs to produce Bill’s project by its due date without compromising his life and his job. Eric thinks Bill is still alive in Mississippi and believes that Lorena has betrayed and kidnapped Bill. Eric cannot interrogate humans and vampires that are under the protection of the vampire king of Mississippi, Russell Edgington, without starting a war. He asks Sookie if she is willing to go to Jackson and “pick the brains” among the king’s human employees and Sookie agrees to go.

Alcide Herveaux, a werewolf (Were) from Shreveport, is sent by Eric the following day to take Sookie to Jackson and to help her circulate among the supernatural community. In Jackson, Sookie not only has to deal with the vampires of Mississippi, but she becomes entangled with a bounty hunting werewolf pack. In Sookie’s first visit to a vampire bar called Josephine’s (also known within the shapeshifting community as Club Dead) she learns that Bill has been captured and that Russell Edgington might be involved. She personally meets Russell when a bar patron and bounty hunter werewolf named Jerry Falcon mangles her because Sookie rebuffs his sexual advances.

On the same night, Sookie meets Debbie Pelt, Alcide’s ex-girlfriend and a shapeshifter who is mean-spirited and jealous at seeing Alcide with another woman (despite Debbie being at the bar for her engagement party to another man). The next day, Sookie and Alcide find the dead body of Jerry Falcon stuffed in the closet. It is later discovered that Bubba had caught Jerry entering Alcide’s home and killed him.

On the following night, Sookie, back at Club Dead, gets badly injured when Steve Newlin and another fanatic of The Fellowship of the Sun (the vampire-hating organization, introduced in Living Dead in Dallas) try to stake Betty Joe, Edgington’s second in command. Sookie gets staked instead and she is quickly rushed to Edgington’s mansion. Eric, in disguise, is there to help her as Alcide turns into a wolf to pursue the escaping Steve Newlin. After her wounds have been treated by a vampire, Eric gives Sookie his blood, to help her heal more quickly, and they share a sexy moment. Bubba, who has been following Sookie from Bon Temps, informs them that Bill is being tortured in Edgington’s pool house.

Sookie and Eric quickly form a plan, to be carried out in daylight while all of the vampires are sleeping and the Werewolf guards are inattentive due to being tired from their activities of the previous night (which was a full moon). Sookie rescues Bill and kills Lorena in the process. Back in Alcide’s parking garage, with Bill sleeping in the trunk of her car, Sookie is pushed into the trunk by Debbie Pelt. At dusk, Bill, who has been deprived of blood and sleep for several weeks, wakes up and, maddened by bloodlust, feeds on Sookie, mangling her neck and blindly having sex with her. His consciousness awakes partway through and he apologizes and withdraws from Sookie. Eric finds them and he helps Bill by giving Sookie Tru:Blood to drink to help her get over nearly being drained by Bill.

After such a long day, Sookie asks Eric to drive her home, but her night is not over as they are attacked at a gas station on the road from Jackson to Bon Temps, and then she is severely hurt when she finds werewolves waiting for her in her own home. Eric and Bill kill them all. The novel ends with Sookie breaking up with Bill and then rescinding her invitation to her house to both Eric and Bill.

Television adaptation

• Bill is kidnapped by weres at the behest of the King of Mississippi
• Sam finds his biological parents and they are real white trash characters. He also discovers he has a brother whom they have been using to pit fight for high stakes gambling.
• Alcide’s dad owes Eric money because he borrowed money for a construction loan, not because he is a gambler.
• Eric has an intense short term relationship with a dancer named Yvetta (so does Pam)
• Eric is in deep trouble with Sophie Anne because he is selling V for her. Sophie Anne is in deep financial trouble.
• We find out about Hadley being a part of Sophie Anne’s cortege.
• Sophie Anne sets up Eric to take the fall for the selling of V in her kingdom.
• Eric has a flashback from his past: Weres murdered his father and mother and sister at the behest of someone (Russell Edgington)
• Russell Edgington is 2800 years old and poses to humans as an antiques dealer but he is the king of Mississippi.
• Russell Edgington forces Sophie Anne to marry him and kills the Magister.
• The Magister takes Pam into custody and begins to torture her to find out about the selling of V by Eric.
• Eric discovers his father’s crown in Edgington’s collection.
• Debbie is werewolf who becomes a member of an outlaw pack
• Steve Newlin does not make an appearance
• Tara gets involved with Franklin Mott who is a Vampire pi and he finds a file on Sookie at Bill’s house.
• Jessica goes to work for Sam
• Tommy, Sam’s brother gets interested in Jessica
• Bill has violent sex with Lorena twisting her head all the way around and then calls Sookie and tells her he is leaving her and his life in Bon Temps. It is a ruse to try to protect her.
• Bill does not have a data base of the Vampires of North America
• Jason tries to be a cop after nabbing a drug dealer at Hot Shot
• Hot Shot is full of white trash types
• Bill worked as a procurer for Sophie Anne
• The initiation scene with Debbie
• Bill attacks and nearly drains her to death but does not have sex with her
• Tara beats Franklin to death (maybe)
• Lafayette gets a car from Eric
• Eric seduces and murders Talbot, the king’s lover for 700 years
• Cooter is the leader of the bad wolves
• Col. Flood is a cowardly leader
• Terry and Arlene are together and Arlene is pregnant
• Bill heals Sookie
• Sookie has a near death experience which clues her in to what she might be
• Bill experiences healing after draining Sookie and he also experiences a momentary ability to stand in the sun.
• Lafayette has a new boyfriend and he is something in the magikal world. They go on a V-trip which leads to some weird flash backs.
• Sookie is confronted by Russell as to what she is and he shows her the file Bill has on her.
• Eric does not help Sookie overtly. He does help her covertly
• Eric pledges loyalty to Russell though he knows he is the one who killed his family
• Franklin intends on turning Tara and making her his Vampire bride
• Sookie is not staked
• Bill tries to release Jessica but she refuses to leave and trains her to fight
• There is a Vampire Authority
• Sookie pays for Eggs’ funeral
• Debbie, two wolves and Russell Edgington go to Sookie’s house. Bill and Jessica fight the weres and Sookie fights Debbie.
• Eric and Edgington nearly drain Sookie to day walk.
• Eric tries to bury Edgington in cement instead of kill him straight out.
• Godric tries to get Eric to let him be or give him the True Death so Edgington will go in peace.
• Bill tries to bury Eric in cement as well and calls Eric’s assassin to kill Pam in an attempt to protect Sookie from Vampires who know what she is.
• Eric escapes and goes to Sookie and forces Bill to admit he was there to procure Sookie all along and he allowed the Rattrays to beat her nearly to death to get his blood inside her.
• Sookie breaks up with Bill and rescinds her invitation.
• Jason kills Franklin Mott and as a result, Tara leaves Bon Temp
• Sam kicks his birth family to the curb, including Tommy eventually
• Sookie goes to Faery with Claudine
• Bill confronts and challenges the queen
• Jason becomes the guardian of Hot Shot after Calvin is shot by Felton and Felton and Crystal leave Bon Temps.
• Arelene is pregnant by Rene but lets Terry think he is the dad til she finally tells him. She goes to Holly, the new waitress and witch to procure an abortion. It doesn’t work.

Sources: Wikipedia, The Sookie Stackhouse Novels and Raki

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Re: Club Dead Book Three

Post  Aslinn Dhan on Thu Oct 20, 2011 10:53 pm

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 1, 2004. Sookie goes to Bill’s house after work and
is devastated that Bill has become so consumed with work that he rebuffs her
attempts at intimacy. He tells her he is leaving for Seattle soon and that he has been
working on a secret project for Sophie-Anne Leclerq, the vampire Queen of
Louisiana. He also tells her that he is planning to hide his computer equipment in
the hidey-hole in her closet while he is gone. If anything happens to him before he
brings the computer, Bill asks Sookie to go to his house during the day and get it.
Sookie is even more disturbed when she realizes he is lying to her about where he
is going.

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 2. Sookie deliberately drives by Belle Rive, the
Bellefleur home, and sees the work being done courtesy of the mysterious legacy
left them by a relative who had “died mysteriously over in Europe somewhere.”
She knows that the legacy actually came from Bill, whom the Bellefleurs despise,
and Sookie tries not to be bitter though she herself struggles with money problems.

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 3. Bill calls to let Sookie know he has arrived safely in

MONDAY, DECEMBER 6. Much to Sookie’s surprise, Bubba shows up at her
door and tells her that Eric has sent him to guard her. When Sookie arrives at work
with Bubba in tow, she is attacked by a Were wearing a gang vest, but Bubba saves
the day. Pam soon arrives and explains that Bill is missing and that he has been in
Jackson, Mississippi, not Seattle. Pam calls Eric and puts Sookie on the phone. Eric
tells Sookie to be careful until he can get over to her house to explain. She goes
home and cries herself to sleep.

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 7. A depressed Sookie spends the day in bed, rousing
only long enough to confirm that Bill has left his computer equipment in the closet
hidey-hole. When she awakens again, she finds Eric with her, and he forces her to
get up and dressed. Eric tells her that humans who live in the kingdom of
Mississippi have informed him that Bill has been kidnapped. He speaks of the work
Bill was doing for the Queen of Louisiana and eventually reveals that Bill had
actually gone to Mississippi to see a vampire that he had been involved with long
ago. He had become enamored with her again but had planned to return to Bon
Temps to make “financial arrangements” for Sookie’s care. Eric admits that he has
not informed the queen of the kidnapping or Bill’s missing project because of fears
she will punish him and Pam for Bill’s misadventure. He asks Sookie to go to
Jackson with a Were who owes him a debt, and use her “gift” to try to discover
where Bill is being held. Sookie agrees to try to find and rescue Bill.

leave for Jackson.

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 10. Alcide Herveaux arrives to take Sookie to Jackson.
They are immediately at ease and realize they are attracted to each other.
Once in Jackson, Alcide suggests that Sookie visit his sister’s beauty salon while
he takes care of some business, and she learns that his ex-girlfriend, Debbie Pelt,
will be celebrating her engagement that evening. Later, Sookie and Alcide eat at the
Mayflower Café before heading for Josephine’s, a supe club. Debbie is indeed at the
club, and since Sookie is posing as Alcide’s new love, she immediately earns
Debbie’s hatred. Alcide realizes Sookie’s talent, and they use it to put Debbie in her

Sookie casts about in Josephine’s to see if she can “hear” anything about Bill.
Sookie zeros in on a human with a vampire at the bar and finds that Bill is being
tortured for information about the work he has been doing. When Sookie is
assaulted by Jerry Falcon, a Were gang member, she is rescued by the King of
Mississippi, Russell Edgington, who insists that she and Alcide return to
Josephine’s the next night as his guests. Sookie and Alcide return to Alcide’s
apartment and are surprised by a visit from Eric, who has come to Mississippi
himself to keep an eye on things.

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 11. Alcide runs errands in the morning, so Sookie
finds herself back at Janice’s salon. Later that afternoon, she and Alcide sit down for
a friendly game of Scrabble, and afterward, while putting the game away, Sookie
discovers the source of an odor both had been noticing: the body of Jerry Falcon,
his neck broken, has been stuffed in Alcide’s hall closet. They work together to
dispose of the body, fearing they will be blamed for the murder. The moon is full as
they return that evening to Club Dead, the locals’ name for Josephine’s. As they are
chatting with the guests at Edgington’s table, Sookie “hears” the thoughts of a
human assassin who plans to stake Edgington’s second-in-command, Betty Joe
Pickard. While attempting to foil the attack, Sookie is staked and seriously injured.
Compelled to shift by the full moon and the excitement of the blood, Alcide runs
after the would-be killer’s accomplice. It is left to a thinly disguised Eric to assist
Sookie. Edgington insists that they return to his compound, where one of his
people can use his healing gift to save Sookie.

After the healing of her wound, Eric and Sookie are surprised when Bubba
appears. Eric gives Sookie his blood to heal her quickly and orders Bubba to look
for Bill. Bubba returns with the news that he has found Bill on the property, and
Eric and Sookie make plans for his rescue.

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 12. Sookie sneaks out of Russell’s house at dawn and
finds a tortured and starved Bill in the garage, but as she is trying to remove his
bonds, Lorena Ball appears. Lorena is Bill’s maker, and she taunts Sookie and then
attacks. Unfortunately for Lorena, Sookie is carrying with her the stake taken from
her side at Club Dead. She kills Lorena. Sookie then gets Bill into the trunk of a car
and cautiously drives out of the compound.

Arriving at the garage of Alcide’s apartment building, Sookie opens the trunk
to check on Bill but is pushed inside. The lid slams shut. The worst comes to pass as
the starved and uncontrolled Bill wakens and rapes and almost drains her. Coming
to his senses just in time, Bill is horrified by his actions. Eric arrives, and he and Bill
take an unconscious Sookie to Alcide’s apartment, where the three men work to
revive her. To Alcide’s dismay, Sookie reveals that it was Debbie Pelt who pushed
her into the trunk. While going over the day’s events, they realize from a comment
made by one of Russell’s guards while Sookie was leaving that Bubba has been
captured. The Mississippi vamps, not knowing he is the real deal, are planning to
execute him. Sookie calls Russell’s mansion and is able to convince them of Bubba’s
true identity, and Russell’s vamps are excited by the possibility that Bubba might
sing for them. Debbie soon arrives at the building, and Alcide hides Sookie, Eric,
and Bill next door, where they overhear Alcide tell Debbie that he and Sookie had
engaged in an affair. Questioned by Bill, an angry and hurt Sookie denies the
accusation but confronts him with the fact of his own betrayal. Disgusted with his
perfidy, Sookie asks Eric to take her home.

Thugs hired by Jerry Falcon’s gang attack Eric and Sookie as they stop for gas.
They escape but fall into an argument about the financial hardship that Sookie is
experiencing because of Eric’s demands on her time. As they arrive at her home, an
angry Sookie storms away from Eric and straight into the waiting fists of more of
Falcon’s gang. Sookie is severely beaten before Eric and Bill arrive and kill her

MONDAY, DECEMBER 13. When Sookie wakes the next afternoon, she finds
she has a newly graveled driveway, a gift from Eric. Alcide stops by with her
suitcase, and they consider the possibility that they might explore their relationship
after both recover from their present heartbreak. Pam arrives soon after dark,
instructed by Eric to assist Sookie. Bubba follows, still well-groomed and flashily
dressed after his performance for the Mississippi vamps, and it dawns on Sookie
that he is the one who killed Jerry and stuffed him in the closet. He leaves shortly
after Bill and Eric arrive, and Pam slips out as they begin to argue. An exasperated
Sookie rescinds their invitations to her home, and they are forced to leave. Alone,
she is amused to realize that she still has Bill’s computer and the work that started
all the trouble.

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