Dead as a Doornail Book Five

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Dead as a Doornail Book Five

Post  Dragonhawk on Mon Jan 10, 2011 9:45 pm

Dead as a Doornail Plot Summary

It's the first full moon since Jason was bitten by the werepanthers (in Dead to the World), and Sookie doesn't know how he is going to handle it. Calvin Norris comes to watch over him and help him, and Jason ends up loving turning into a half man/half panther. Sam is shot in the leg, and must recuperate, so cannot run the bar. He asks Sookie to go to Fangtasia to ask Eric to lend him a bartender while he is out. Eric sends their new bartender, Charles Twining, who is very nice to Sookie.

Calvin Norris is also shot and seriously wounded, and Sookie learns that other shifters and were animals are being shot throughout Louisiana. Calvin suspects Jason, based on the theory that Jason is angry at weres for turning him into a werepanther. Known for dispensing their own kind of justice, the real shooter needs to be found before the werepanthers turn on Jason.

Colonel Flood, leader of the Long Tooth pack of Shreveport, is also killed (supposedly by accident), and Alcide brings Sookie to the funeral as his date. The quest for new packleader begins: it's either Alcide's dad or Patrick Furnam. Alcide hopes Sookie's telepathic abilities will give him an advantage. Bill begins to date Selah Pumphrey.

Someone tries to burn down Sookie's house, but she is saved by her fairy godmother, Claudine. A dead man (killed by Charles Twining during the fire) is found outside her house, covered in gasoline, with a FotS card in his wallet, so he is blamed for the arson.

Sookie is also shot while leaving the library, presumably because she associates with shifters. She discovers that her bullet matches the bullets of all the others who were killed, except Sam's. Later, Sookie is in an alley with Sam (as a dog) trying to find the killer, when Sweetie Des Arts, Merlotte's cook, comes at her with a gun. Sweetie explains that she was bitten and became part shifter, and kills any shifter she comes in contact with. She shoots Tray Dawson, a werewolf who was sent to protect Sookie by Calvin Norris (who wants to marry Sookie), but she is then killed by Andy Bellefleur, who is a believer in Sookie's talent, and realizes there are other supes out there. Sookie claims she has relations with Tray, and takes him to get taken care of.

Back at the Bar, she realizes that someone keeps calling over and over, and Charles Twining tells her it is a prank call. The befuddled Bubba shows up at the back door to tell Sookie Eric has been trying to reach her, and adds "He's a hit man, he isn't what he seems". She is then attacked by Charles Twining. It turns out he was sent by Hot Rain, Longshadow's "maker", to hurt Eric, who had killed Longshadow (in Dead Until Dark). While Eric had paid restitution for the kiling, Hot Rain felt that Eric's penalty was not enough, and that he wanted to take something Eric held dear, and believed Eric felt that way about Sookie. Twining was the one who shot Sam, knowing that Sookie would come looking for a fill in, and he is also the one who set fire to Sookie's house, then framed an innocent man for it.

In a subplot, Tara Thorton has been dumped by vampire Franklin Mott, whom she dated in Club Dead, and is now under the thumb of the very scary Mickey—it turns out Franklin Mott gave her to Mickey as part of a debt payment. It used to be common for vampires to trade around their groupies, draining them to death when they grew bored. Sookie appeals to Eric, who arranges to have Mickey free Tara. Mickey becomes enraged, attacks Tara, wounds Eric, and tries to rape and kill Sookie. In exchange for his help, Sookie must tell Eric what happened during the days he cannot remember (in Dead to the World). Sookie tells him about their passionate sexual relationship, as well as about how she killed Debbie Pelt.

The competition for wolfpack leader takes place and there are different rounds to test the werewolves' strength. Sookie discovers that Patrick is cheating. She tells everyone, and as punishment, the judges make the final test one that must be done until grievous injury or death. Patrick wins, and then, after declared victor, kills Alcide's father anyway.

This is when Sookie meets Quinn the weretiger.

Sources: Wikipedia, The Sookie Stackhouse Novels

Departures from the Series:

Bill and Eric are captured by the Authority where they are accused of being in an extreme anti human Vampire movement called the Sanguinistas. Bill becomes enthralled by the Sanguinista movement. Eric encounters his sister and he is still being haunted by Godric. He fights agaist eh religious fervor and when he is captured by Bill and Salome trying to escape he is forced to drink Lilith's blood. He seems to be a true believer now after seeing Lilith kill the ghost of Godric.

Russell Edgington is alive and crazy and being cared for in a factory by Salome, a sanguinista of Biblical fame. He later is healed. He appears at the wolf pack meeting in Shreveport to give them the blood and when Martha refuses to drink from him, he steals Emma, Luna's daughter and give her in her wolf form to Steve Newlin as his pet. Luna and Sam then change into mice and sneak into the AVL. Russell then reveals he is still obsessed with Fairy Blood and Day walking. He attacks Salome and uses Nora as a hostage to keep Bill and Eric at bay and he makes his exit.

The contest for packmaster is actually a run after quarry, in this case a human which Alcide refuses to take part in. Alcide goes to talk to his dad, the former pack master of Jackson.

Sookie is half fae instead of the eighth fae she was in the books and she not only reads minds but has someother abilities too. And her parents didn't just drown, they were murdered by a Vampire who is obsessed with her but may or may not be alive. She finds out Sheriff Dearborn investigated her parent's death. When she goes to ask Dearborn some questions his lover, Sweetie Des Arts the Dragon of the anti-supernatural movement in Bon Temps knocks her out and tries to feed Sookie and Hoyt to pigs. Sam arrives in the shape of a pig and shifts to fight with the Obamas (The group wears masks in the likeness of a grinning Barack Obama) and Jason and Sheriff Bellefleur come in the nick of time and Andy shoots Dearborn, killing them and Luna beats up Sweetie.

Steve Newlin is a Gay Vampire American.

Tara is a Vampire and Pam is her maker. Tara takes a hand and kills the new Sheriff of Area Five, a foppish looking Vampire who is taking the place of Charles Twinnings quite possibly.

Jason is still a deputy and he is still on the "right path" and he is trying to figure out which Vampire killed their mom and dad. Jason finds a scroll written in Faery and he and Sookie take the scroll to Claude who has it read by a very pregnant Maurella. She says a Stackhouse from the 1780's promised Sookie to a vampire named M. Warlow, the vampire who killed Jason and Sookie's parents. The scroll may be taking the place of the Cluviel Dor.

Andy and Holly are hooked up and he is trying to help Sam figure out who is killing shifters and weres. Luna is shot and under duress turns into Sam. Andy and Holly have supper at a nearly empty Merlotte's served by Lafayette.

Lafayette goes to see Jesus' Grandfather and he is held captive momentarily by the old Brujo til his wife steps in and kills him and frees Lafayette.

Terry discovers through an old buddy their outfit is being wiped out because they all killed a bunch of innocent people in Iraq and a dying woman laid a curse on them to be tormented by an Ifrit. Arlene and Holly call in Lafayette to help Terry figure out what to do and the results are not good.

Arlene and Terry and Patrick are at Merlotte's and Terry and Patrick fight over who is going to die to satisfy the Ifrit and Terry kills Patric and the woman who Terry killed appears and unleashes the Ifrit to take Patrick's body and leaves Arlene and Terry alone.

Jason and Jessica are asked to meet Hoyt at Merlotte's where he reveals he is going to Alaska to start a new life and to ask Jessica to glamour him so he will forget them. Jessica does as she is asked. Jessica is then called to the AVL by her maker who introduces her to the Vampire Bible. Jessica is not pleased with this situation.


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Re: Dead as a Doornail Book Five

Post  Aslinn Dhan on Thu Oct 20, 2011 10:58 pm

TUESDAY, JANUARY 25, 2005. Sookie drives her brother, Jason, who may be a
werepanther as a result of being attacked by Felton Norris, out to Hotshot, leaving
him with Calvin Norris, who will guide him through his first change. Sookie can
tell his eyes are different before she leaves.

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 26. Jason returns to Sookie’s house the next morning,
almost exhilarated by his new experience. Although at first he becomes ill at the
sight of food, she is ultimately relieved that he seems able to handle the changes in
his life. Working the late shift at Merlotte’s, Sookie is surprised to see her friend
Tara sitting with an unfamiliar vampire named Mickey. Since Sam is out enjoying
the moon, Terry is left in charge of the bar, and he and Sookie work together to
relieve a Drainer of her cache of vampire blood and send her from the bar.

THURSDAY, JANUARY 27. Claudine arrives at Merlotte’s with the upsetting
news that Calvin Norris has been shot and seriously wounded, and that apparently
a shooter is targeting shifters. As Sookie and Sam leave the bar after closing up,
Sam is shot in the leg.

FRIDAY, JANUARY 28. Laid low by his broken leg and fearing to expose any
other shifters, Sam asks Sookie to visit Fangtasia to bargain with Eric for the loan of
a bartender. Eric sends vampire Charles Twining back to Bon Temps with Sookie.
Hearing that Mickey came into Merlotte’s, Eric warns her that Mickey is a rogue
and to stay away from him.

SATURDAY, JANUARY 29. The next day at Merlotte’s, Sookie is visited by
private investigators Jack Leeds and Lily Bard Leeds, who want to question her
about the disappearance of Debbie Pelt. Sookie agrees to talk with them at her
home the next day.

Jason and Sookie go to the hospital in Grainger to visit the wounded Calvin.
The werepanthers keeping guard over their packmaster keep Jason out but allow
Sookie in the room. She is upset at the seriousness of his injuries but is horrified
when Calvin tells her the Hotshot shifters suspect that Jason is the sniper. He
reassures her that he has ordered that nothing be done to Jason, but Sookie realizes
that to save her brother, she must find the shooter before the next full moon.
Alcide comes by Sookie’s house with the news of the death of Colonel Flood
and invites her to attend his funeral the next day. She tells Alcide of the visit of the
detectives, warning him that the Pelt family is looking into Debbie’s disappearance.

SUNDAY, JANUARY 30. When the detectives arrive, Sookie is surprised at how
much they know about her relationship with Debbie, but she is straightforward
about her dislike of the shifter. They leave with no apparent reason to suspect her,
and Alcide arrives to pick her up for the funeral.

Once at the church for the service, Sookie realizes that her attending with
Alcide has a larger import within the pack. She learns from Christine Larrabee, wife
of the former packmaster and escorted by Alcide’s father, Jackson Herveaux, that
her appearance with Alcide signifies her support of his father in his bid for
packmaster. An angry Sookie confronts Alcide with the deception but remains at
the service to honor Colonel Flood. Sookie also comes to the notice of Patrick
Furnan, the other candidate for packmaster. A tall, handsome bald man at the
service catches Sookie’s eye.

That evening at work, Sam asks Sookie if Charles Twining can stay at her
house, since the bar does not have an adequate light-tight space. Tara and Mickey
arrive at the bar, and Sookie has an angry confrontation with Mickey.
Sookie is asleep when Charles awakens her with the news of a prowler and
slips outside. She turns on the porch light to see that Charles has captured a furious
Bill Compton. Returning to bed, she is awakened again by Claudine with the news
that her house is on fire. Charles kills the man who apparently started the fire, and
the fire department is able to save her house. It appears that the man is a member of
the Fellowship of the Sun. With Sookie’s home seriously damaged, Sookie and
Charles go home with Bill for the rest of the night.

MONDAY, JANUARY 31. Sookie’s insurance agent, Greg Aubert, arrives to
assess the damage, the first of a steady stream of visitors, including Tray Dawson,
who’s been sent by Calvin Norris with a message of support and an offer of his
home while he is in the hospital. Sookie does not want to be obligated but worries
where she will stay until her home is repaired.

Sookie is dismayed when the family of the dead arsonist comes to see her at
work. They struggle with his guilt but leave when the evidence seems
overwhelming. Sam comforts Sookie, and they have a passionate moment, which is
interrupted by Bill, who fights with the injured Sam. When Sookie is harmed trying
to stop the fight, an angry Bill leaves, and she decides to spend the night at Jason’s.

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 1. Terry Bellefleur has offered to help Sookie by
demolishing the fire-damaged areas of her house and disposing of the refuse for a
nominal fee. They are working at her house in the morning when Alcide arrives,
anxious after hearing about the fire. Contractors Randall and Delia Shurtliff come
by to arrange the repairs, and after they leave, Alcide asks Sookie to move in with
him for the duration of the renovation. She refuses, admitting that she shot Debbie
in self-defense, and although he claims it doesn’t matter, she tells him that now is
not the time to consider starting a relationship.

Sookie is upset when Bill brings a date, Selah Pumphrey, to the bar that
evening. She is further disturbed when Eric arrives, angry that Charles had not
rescued Sookie from the burning house. Eric tries again to get Sookie to tell him
what happened between them when he had amnesia, but she is able to distract him.
Sookie agrees when Sam offers her one of his rental houses until her own is
repaired. She is pleased to have to spend only one more night at her brother’s place.
She is surprised to find Crystal at Jason’s but relieved that the female werepanther
doesn’t believe Jason is involved in the shootings.

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 2. Sookie salvages enough linens and kitchenware
to move into the duplex on Berry Street and makes her first meal in her temporary
home. She visits Calvin at the Grainger hospital and decides to stop at the library
on the way back. Out in the parking lot, Sookie feels another presence and ducks
just as a shot rings out, creasing her shoulder. She wakes up in the hospital to her
brother’s voice and later gets a visit from Detective Andy Bellefleur. Bill arrives to
watch over her and spends the night.

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 3. Sookie is released from the hospital the next
morning and is mystified to find that her bill has been paid. She is just realizing
that she has no way to get home when Claudine’s brother, Claude, arrives to take
her back to the duplex. Tara comes to visit, and Sookie is horrified when she learns
how Mickey is controlling her terrified friend. Tara begs Sookie not to interfere.
When Tara leaves, Sookie realizes that she has only one alternative, and she calls
Eric, who comes over immediately. Sookie tells Eric the full story of Tara’s problem
with Mickey. She is not surprised that the price for the favor is the truth of the time
they spent together. Sookie tells him all they did and what he promised her while
he had amnesia. After a few minutes of stunned silence while he processes the
information, Eric calls Mickey’s maker, Salome, and asks her to deal with Mickey,
since he is acting against their laws and without permission in Eric’s territory. Eric
is beginning to get amorous when a furious Mickey arrives with a beaten Tara and
attacks, striking Eric with a rock. Sookie is able to revive Eric but is forced to let
Mickey into the house when he threatens to kill Tara. Mickey attacks Sookie, but
she is able to rescind the invitation. He is forced to leave and answer his maker’s
call. Eric calls Salome back to inform her of Mickey’s disobedience and then calls
Bill to help repair the apartment.

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 4. Sookie and Sam realize that the shooter has to be a
supernatural being of some kind. They decide to investigate the sites of the earlier
shootings after work with Sam in bloodhound form. They are searching the alley
across from the Sonic, where the first shooting took place, when they are
interrupted by Andy Bellefleur. As Sookie is arguing with Andy, Sam barks to let
them know someone else has arrived. Sweetie Des Arts, the new cook at Merlotte’s,
is in the alley with a rifle pointed at them. She confesses to being the shooter,
admitting that she has murdered many other shifters in retaliation for being
attacked by a bitten Were, which causes her to partially shift each full moon. She
plans to kill Sookie and the dog, but when Sweetie hears a noise and turns to fire,
Andy is able to pull his gun and kill her. Sookie rushes over to see whom Sweetie
shot and finds a seriously injured Dawson, whom Calvin had told to follow and
protect her. Sookie is able to keep him alive until the ambulance arrives.

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 5. Alcide comes by the duplex in the morning to
invite Sookie to the Shreveport packmaster contest, but she is too weary to
appreciate his presence and sends him away, telling him to leave the invitation.
After finding a note on her door from Sam telling her not to come in for her
evening shift, she decides to visit Calvin, who has been released from the hospital.
Sookie prepares a chicken dish and biscuits to take to Calvin, and she is
surprised to find a crowd already at his house to welcome him home. After being
introduced around, she is led to his bedroom, where he is eating the food she
prepared for him. As she is leaving, she finds Patrick Furnan—the other contestant
for Shreveport packmaster, who has also been visiting Calvin—waiting for her with
a strange warning about her being unprotected. Once in her temporary home and
able to relax, Sookie considers the shifter shootings and calls Andy to question him
as to whether all the bullets matched.

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 6. Alcide calls to tell Sookie that the packmaster contest
is being held that afternoon in Shreveport. When she arrives at the deserted
industrial park, she is relieved to see Claudine and Claude in attendance and
stands with them. Before the contest begins, Sookie is surprised to see the
handsome bald man she had noticed at the funeral and realizes he is the referee,
finally “hearing” that his name is Quinn. As the contestants perform the second of
three tests, Sookie realizes that Furnan is cheating. She calls out her accusation, and
the contest is halted. When investigation proves her to be correct, the pack sends
out the non-pack members, so they can vote on whether the contest will continue to
the final test. As they wait, Quinn questions Sookie and learns from Claude that she
is a telepath. The pack decides that the final test, one of battle, will continue but
must be a decisive victory. Quinn asks Sookie to enter the cage where the final fight
will occur to try to determine whether Furnan plans to somehow cheat again. He
guarantees her safety, but Furnan lunges at her, and her leg is slightly injured as
Quinn pulls her out of the cage. As he administers first aid, a definite attraction
springs up between them, and he promises he will see her again at a better time.
Furnan defeats and kills Herveaux in the final contest and is declared packmaster.
A devastated Alcide rejects Sookie, and she leaves, realizing he somehow blames
her for the outcome.

At work that evening, Sookie is surprised by a visit from Bubba with a cryptic
message from Eric. As she is talking with Charles, she suddenly realizes that he has
been lying about his past. He apologizes as he tries to kill her, but she is able to
stuff her silver chain in his mouth, and the male patrons at the bar come to her aid,
restraining him and staking him at his request. Charles’s body has already flaked
away when Eric dashes into the bar to save Sookie. Eric explains that Charles was
sent by a vampire named Hot Rain to kill Sookie in an effort to punish Eric for the
death of Long Shadow, who was staked the previous summer for embezzling from
Fangtasia. As Sookie recounts the events of the day, they both agree she is a lucky

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