From Dead to Worse Book Eight

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From Dead to Worse Book Eight

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Sookie is drafted to be the maid of honor at Portia and Andy’s double wedding and there she meets a strange Vampire named Johnathon and spied an incredible looking man who is definitely not human.

Amelia Broadway, a displaced Katrina survivor and a witch is living with Sookie and her pet boyfriend, Bob the Cat. Amelia’s dad is the powerful and wealthy contractor named Copley Carmichael and he pays Sookie and Amelia a visit to suss the situation. He thinks Sookie is just a tad lower class for his daughter. He knew Hadley and drops the revelation that Hadley had been married and she had a child.

Sookie then gets a call from Eric who sets her up with a visit with a strange man named Naill Brigant who turns out to be her great great grandfather who happens to be a fairy prince. He explained that his son, Fintan had met and desired Adele Stackhouse who wanted to have children but could not have children with her husband, but was assured by Fintan that he could make her pregnant. So she has at least a couple of trysts with Fintan resulting in her two children. This makes Sookie and Claudine cousins. She asks Niall if he can take the telepathy away and he says he can’t, but he offers to do her any other favor. Sookie takes a raincheck.

Eric is waiting for her when she leaves and he is dazed by the strong scent of fairy, telling her that when she smells like that he wants to “bite her, fuck her, and rub myself all over you,” He then tells her what he knows about fairies, that they are intoxicating, magikal and endowed with different gifts and that they don’t breed well and are often at war.

On the way home, Eric is pulled over by someone who they think is a cop but is actually a were. Eric is shot protecting Sookie and he kills the werewolf. Sookie gets home and discovers Alcide has called her.

The next morning there is a knock at the door and it is Amelia’s witch mentor, Octavia Fant. While Octavia and Amelia chat, Sookie reads about the death of Maria Star Cooper, who is Alcide’s girlfriend. She was murdered and he asks if Amelia could do an ectoplasmic recreation to find out who killed her.

Octavia and Amelia do it and they discover it was Cal Meyers, the right hand man of Shreveport packmaster Patrick Furnan.

Later, Pam comes into Merlotte’s ostensibly to have a date with Sookie’s roommate Amelia. When Sookie gets ready to go home, Tray Dawson, a were and friend of Sookie’s follows her home and checks out her house and tells her Alcide found another female were dead.

The next day, an attempt on Sookie’s life is made when she is at the library and Sookie decides to take things into her own hands and she calls Patrick Furnan to confront him. Patrick tells her that he is not trying to kill her or anyone that his own wife is missing. He asks Sookie to intervene and set up a parlay with Alcide and Sookie act like a human lie detector.

Sookie attends the meeting with Sam and she discovers that Patrick is telling the truth and he had nothing to do with the murders and Alcide had nothing to do with the kidnapping of Patrick’s wife. They also discover there is another pack who has a female leader and they were displaced by Katrina and decided that they would take over the Shreveport pack. They killed Maria Star and the other weres and kidnapped Patrick’s wife. Their connection in Cal Meyers who is the brother of the female pack leader.

A battle ensues and Sam turns into a lion to protect Sookie and Claudine appears as well. After the battle, Sookie is okay and she is taken care of by Pam and Amelia.

The next evening she chats with Eric who tells her the queen is not doing very well and the healing process is very painful. As a result the other sheriffs are having to take up the slack and this leaves them in an even weaker position. He also says he suspects the new Vampire is actually a forward spy for another kingdom looking to take over.

No sooner does she learn these things, does Bill appear in her house. He tells her something is going on, that the other sheriffs are incommunicado.

Suddenly a woman appears and it is Frannie, Quinn’s sister. She tells Sookie that Quinn has been held by the king of Nevada and he is coming here to take over Louisiana. Eric appears at her door, obviously from sort of battle and announces that Fangtasia is under attack but holding their own.

The fun never stops at Sookie’s house as the next person to come to her door is Vampire Victor Madden, who is the representative of the king of Nevada. He has been sent to negotiate the terms of peace and he asks for admission into Sookie’s house. She allows him to come in and sees Quinn as a tiger with them. Victor informs him that he is surrounded and that he will burn Fangtasia and kill his minions unless they surrender to the new authority. About that time, Quinn breaks down Sookie’s front door. Sookie tries to call her Great Grandfather and Eric stops her.

Eric and Bill both warn Victor that if anything happens to Sookie revenge will be taken. Bill even swears to die for Sookie and Eric tells him that if he hurts Sookie, forces he could never imagine would be set in motion. In the end, the Louisiana Vampires swear loyalty to the Nevada Vampires. Eric retreats to Sookie’s room where he tells her that he remembers everything about their time together and how happy he was when he was with her.

The next morning, Sookie breaks up with Quinn because he has too many family issues…

The Vampires and humans they do business with are up in the air and Amelia’s dad is anxious to make a connection with the new regime. Sookie, having discovered a little problem with Tanya Grissom, who is creating problems with Jason and Crystal and is there at the behest of Debbie’s sister exchanges a sit down with the new king’s rep to Amelia for her help in getting rid of Tanya, or at least stop her from being in her life.

Quinn’s mom and sister come to see Sookie, upset she broke up with Quinn. Claude and Claudine come and see Sookie about her involvement in the Vampire take over. Sam reveals the shifters and weres may be getting ready to come out in the open soon.

Octavia and Amelia figure out a way to get Tanya to leave her alone. Since she is dating Calvin Norris, Sookie approaches him and tells him her problem and he promises to bring her to Sookie’s. Octavia and Amelia get her to confess and they break the spell over her and let her go.

Bill visits Sookie and tells her that Selah and he are broken up, that she never really cared about him that much, that she liked the Vampire in him and not the man. Then he says he loves her.

The next day, Jason comes into Merlotte’s and asks Sookie to check on Crystal. Sookie does and discovers Crystal in bed with another man. When she is leaving, Calvin comes in and she waits for him and he tells her he will call her to let her know when the ceremony will be, since they both stood up for Jason and Crystal. The next night, Sookie has to break Calvin’s hand with a brick.

Out of desperation to help Sookie get out of her sadness, Sam calls Eric to talk to her. It doesn’t work but when she leaves a little later to go home, Eric is waiting for her. He talks to her a little about the new people and that he does not like being managed. Suddenly the King of Nevada appears and Sookie makes his acquaintance and leaves but she has a nagging feeling of despair and anger keeps coming to her so she goes back to find that the king, Eric and Sam have been ambushed by Queen Sophie Anne’s bodyguard Sigebert. Sookie runs over Sigebert and helps free Sam, Eric and the king and Eric kills Sigebert. And the king pledges his indebtedness to Sookie.

The next day, Sookie and Amelia and Octavia settle in with Octavia moving in with Sookie. Octavia finally takes pity on Bob the Cat and changes him back to a human and Octavia confesses that she could have changed him back sooner but she wanted to be useful. Bob returns to his family.

Eric and Pam go to visit Sookie and tells her the King has personally pledged his protection to her. All she need do is call and the Vampires of his realm are behooved to defend her to the death.

Sookie’s great grandfather Niall comes to see her. Sookie finally gives him a request. She wants the address of Remy Savoy and he sends it to her. Sookie goes to see him and discovers that Hunter is a telepath too.

Sources: The Sookie Stackhouse Novels

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Re: From Dead to Worse Book Eight

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From Dead To Worse

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 8, 2005. While working at the Bellefleur double
wedding with Sam, Sookie is surprised when she is asked by a tearful Halleigh to
be a fill-in bridesmaid after one of the original bridesmaids has an appendicitis
attack. Sookie participates in the ceremony and requisite pictures, then changes
back into her work clothes to tend bar. Portia’s new husband, Glen, has invited
several of his vampire clients and honors them with a bottle of Royalty Blended, a
premium mixture of real and synthetic blood, so that they can toast the happy
newlyweds. Jonathan, a Nevada vampire, introduces himself as he gets another
drink at the bar, and Sookie is a little concerned at his interest in her. She notices a
tall, slim man observing the proceedings from a distance, a man whom the
vampires all acknowledge with nods of respect.

Jonathan startles her as she is getting into her car and claims to have spoken to
Pam about her, but Sookie knows he is lying. As they speak, she again sees the
slender stranger watching them.

Sookie returns home and recounts her extraordinary evening to her roommate,
Amelia. Amelia has her own news. Her father, Copley Carmichael, a wealthy
building contractor from New Orleans, is visiting the next evening.

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 9. Sookie attends church in the morning, stopping at the
grocery store before heading home to help Amelia, who has been on a cleaning
spree. Her father arrives. He is a clear broadcaster like Amelia. Since Sookie has no
trouble picking thoughts out of his head, she is able to control her reaction when
Copley deliberately brings up Sookie’s cousin Hadley. He tells Sookie that he
knows Hadley’s ex-husband and child. Copley also tells Amelia that a woman
named Octavia Fant has called his house, looking for her. After he leaves, Amelia
reveals to Sookie that Octavia is her mentor and the head of her coven. Octavia is
the reason she left New Orleans after her magical mishap with Bob, convinced
there would be a terrible punishment for turning her lover into a cat. Resigned,
Amelia knows that she will soon have to deal with Octavia. She also confesses that
Eric called the previous evening but that she had forgotten to tell Sookie. Anxious
to ask him about the strange incident with Jonathan, Sookie calls Eric at Fangtasia.
To her surprise, Eric invites her out to dinner and informs her that he will be
introducing her to someone who has asked to meet her. Intrigued, she agrees to go
to dinner with him in Shreveport the next evening.

MONDAY, OCTOBER 10. When Sookie and Eric arrive at Les Deux Poissons
restaurant, she discovers that the man she is to meet is the beautiful stranger she
saw at the wedding. He shows her his ears, and she realizes he is a member of the
fae. Eric introduces the man as Niall Brigant, then leaves after reassuring Sookie
that he will be nearby if she needs him. To her astonishment, Niall tells her he is her
great-grandfather. As the evening progresses, Sookie learns the story of her
grandmother Adele’s involvement with Niall’s son Fintan, who is revealed as her
true grandfather. She shares part of her own life. By the time they part, she is
pleased, albeit disconcerted, to have found a loving new member of her family. Eric
and Sookie are speeding back toward Bon Temps when they are pulled over by a
police car. As the officer approaches, Sookie realizes something is wrong and that
the man is a Were just as he reaches the open window with gun drawn. When he
tries to shoot Sookie, Eric takes the bullet but is still able to disarm the Were by
breaking his arm. As a bleeding Eric gets caught in bloodlust and begins to pull the
assassin in through the window, Sookie gets out of the suddenly crowded Corvette
and checks the attacker’s car to see if she can discover who sent him and why.
Eric’s car is empty when she returns, but Eric appears beside her and kisses her,
still caught up in the lust of feeding. They quickly get back on the road, and Sookie
doesn’t question what Eric has done with the body. When she arrives home,
Amelia tells her that Alcide called.

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 11. Octavia Fant appears on Sookie’s doorstep,
informing Sookie that she is there to see Amelia. Sookie leaves them to talk and
goes in to make herself some coffee and read the paper. She is shocked and
saddened to read of the death of Maria-Star Cooper, Alcide Herveaux’s girlfriend,
and her grief is compounded when Alcide calls to tell her that Maria-Star was
murdered, warning Sookie that she may be in danger herself. She tells him about
the attack the night before by the Were, and he immediately offers protection.
However, Sookie declines. Alcide asks Sookie to tell Amanda, a member of his
pack, the entire story. Amanda inquires if Amelia can do some sort of reading to try
to ascertain who was involved in Maria-Star’s death. Amelia agrees, but Octavia
questions her decision, pointing out the previous failure that led to Bob’s
transformation. Sookie challenges Octavia to turn Bob back herself, but she fails in
her attempt. Amelia, Sookie, and Octavia then go to Maria-Star’s home, where they
meet up with Tray Dawson, a Bon Temps lone wolf, who is guarding the
apartment. The two witches are able to perform an ectoplasmic reconstruction, and
they all witness Maria-Star’s murder by the Were Cal Myers and a half-wolf, halfman
accomplice. Amelia and Octavia leave for home, and Sookie accompanies Tray
to Amanda’s house, where Alcide is lying low. Sookie and Tray report what they
have learned about Maria-Star’s death. The Weres involved in her murder as well
as in the attack on Sookie all work for the current packmaster, Patrick Furnan.
When Alcide reacts angrily to the information that Sookie had dinner with Eric, she
loses her temper with him and storms out. Tray drives her home.
Already weary from the events of the day, Sookie goes to work and is
disheartened to see members of the Fellowship of the Sun in the bar. To her
surprise, Pam comes in, followed shortly by Amelia, and the two have drinks and
then leave on a date. The Fellowship members are indignant about a vampire being
in the bar, but after they leave, Sam tells Sookie she must suck it up and treat them
as she would any other customers. She knows he is right, but the admonishment
stings. She leaves quickly after closing and finds Tray waiting for her in the parking
lot. The Were tells her that he is following her home to check out her house. Once
he makes certain the house is clear, they sit down, and he informs her that Alcide
found Christine Larrabee, the widow of a previous packmaster, dead that
afternoon. Patrick Furnan is suspected in both Christine’s and Maria-Star’s deaths.

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 12. Sookie visits the local library and greets the
librarian, Barbara Beck, wife of Detective Alcee Beck, before checking out the new
book arrivals. Sookie hears a sound from Barbara and looks up to see her being
held by a huge Were with a knife to her throat. Sookie senses Alcee coming quietly
in the back door and warns the attacker in a loud voice what Barbara’s husband
will do to him if he hurts Barbara. Alcee is able to silently come up behind them
and put his gun to the assailant’s neck, but the quick-thinking attacker pushes
Barbara toward her husband and rushes, knife raised, at Sookie. She flings a
hardback in his face, tripping him, and he falls to his death on his own knife.
A fed-up Sookie finally decides to confront Furnan, and she calls him and
demands to know why he has ordered the attacks upon her and the murders of the
Were females. An angry and frightened Furnan denies any involvement and claims
that his own wife, Libby, has been kidnapped. Sookie convinces him to call Alcide
and set up a meeting, but his one condition is that she attend as a friend of the pack
to read both sides for honesty.

Later that night Sookie, accompanied by a concerned Sam, travels to the same
industrial park where the packmaster contest was held. She grasps Alcide’s and
Furnan’s hands as they question each other. Just as they realize that neither of them
is responsible for the attacks and murders, a voice calls from the roof of a nearby
building. Priscilla Hebert, the widow of a packmaster from another part of the state
and Cal Myers’s half sister, announces that she committed the murders of Maria-
Star, Christine, and Libby in a plot to set Alcide and Furnan against each other so
that she could more easily take over their pack. Both Alcide and Furnan strike with
suddenly clawed hands, Furnan eviscerating Cal as Alcide takes off the back of his
head. Howling with fury, Priscilla leads her wolves in attack, and Sam and Sookie
find themselves in the middle of the warring Weres. Sam tells her he is going to
change, and a surprised Sookie turns to find that Sam has shifted into a lion. Taking
down the enemy with a swipe of his huge paws, Sam draws the attention of
Priscilla, now a wolf. Amanda, also in wolf form, attempts to distract Priscilla as
she works her way over to Sam, but Priscilla manages to break Amanda’s neck and
leaps on the lion, sinking her teeth into his neck. Seeing Sam attacked, Sookie
launches herself onto Priscilla’s back and begins to strangle her. Priscilla must
release Sam, who then turns and kills her. When Sookie falls to the pavement,
vulnerable, Claudine suddenly appears standing over her to protect her through
the remaining battle. When the action finally ends, Priscilla and most of her wolves,
as well as Furnan and Amanda, are dead, and Alcide declares himself the new

Claudine helps Sookie to her feet and reveals that Niall is also Claudine’s
grandfather. She urges Sookie to leave before the wolves celebrate the ascension of
Alcide, and Sam marches Sookie out to his truck.

When she gets home, Sookie finds Pam sitting in the kitchen with Amelia, and
Sookie knows that the vampire will report the events of the evening back to Eric.

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 13. Sookie works the day shift and is not pleased
when Tanya Grissom shows up to speak with Sam. Her fellow waitress Holly tells
her that Tanya has been living out at Hotshot with the panthers, and Sookie is
surprised to find that Holly believes that the shifters will come out someday.
Sookie again finds Pam at her house with Amelia when she returns home from
work that evening and questions Pam about whether Eric has heard anything more
about Jonathan. Pam suggests Sookie call Eric to find out, so she calls Fangtasia.
During the conversation, Sookie learns to her dismay that Eric believes that the
queen’s weakened state has left Louisiana open to a hostile takeover.
Uneasy and unable to sleep, Sookie is startled when Bill suddenly appears in
her bedroom. He reports that Pam called him to come guard Sookie when she
herself left for Fangtasia after becoming concerned because she couldn’t reach
either Eric or Cleo Babbitt, the sheriff of Area Three. A terrified Frannie Quinn
appears suddenly at the door with a warning from her brother. The vampires of
Las Vegas are on their way to take over Louisiana. As a shocked Sookie, Amelia,
and Bill hear Frannie’s story and are preparing for the worst, Eric arrives with the
news that his people have gathered at Fangtasia, but he was cut off from the club.
The Vegas vampires arrive in Sookie’s yard, and the king’s representative,
Victor Madden, asks to enter the house to negotiate with Eric. Sookie is distressed
to learn that Quinn is with the Vegas vampires, who have used his mother and
sister to blackmail him into their service. Victor reports that Sophie-Anne and the
other sheriffs have been killed, but they feel Eric can be useful to them if he will
swear allegiance to the King of Nevada, Felipe de Castro. Sookie attempts to call
Niall, but Eric prevents her from making contact. Victor finally asks Eric whether
he intends to fight to the death or accept the takeover, informing him that Fangtasia
is surrounded and that he is prepared to burn it down with the Area Five vampires
inside. Knowing that his people will die for nothing, Eric accepts the sovereignty of
the king. Eric wanders off to have some privacy as he calls Fangtasia to tell his
people to surrender and swear fealty to the new king. Bill comforts a shaken Sookie
and then goes out to speak with the new leadership.

Sookie escapes to her bedroom only to find Eric sitting on her bed, his head in
his hands. When she sees his face, Sookie believes that the shock on it is because of
the takeover, but he tells her he has suddenly remembered everything that
happened between them during the time he spent with her when he had amnesia.
Overwhelmed by the events of the evening, Sookie tells him they will talk about it
another time. Eric agrees but warns there will one day be a reckoning between

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 14. Sookie wakes to find Quinn sitting in her bedroom.
Realizing she can never be first in his life because of the needs of his mother and
sister, Sookie breaks off their relationship and sends the man she had hoped to love
away. She gathers herself and goes to work, buying Crystal lunch when her
pregnant sister-in-law comes in with Jason, who is fed up with his wife’s
spendthrift ways and now refuses to give her any money. Sookie and Sam later
read in the newspaper about several people missing in Shreveport who actually
perished in the Were war. Sookie then sees the obituary of Sophie-Anne Leclerq,
which lists the cause of death as Sino-AIDS, but Sookie knows the weakened queen
was assassinated by order of Felipe de Castro. Sookie arrives home after work to
face even more unwelcome visitors: Frannie Quinn and her mother. Frannie is
furious with Sookie for her treatment of Quinn, and although Mrs. Quinn is
generally confused, she identifies Sookie as the woman her son loved.

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 15. Copley Carmichael stops by Sookie’s house to ask
her to arrange an introduction to members of the new vampire leadership so that
he can do business with them. She reluctantly agrees to call Fangtasia to see what
she can find out. Sookie leaves the house to run errands—and get away from
Copley as he visits with his daughter—and comes across Arlene and Tanya having
a conversation in Tanya’s car in the Sonic parking lot. Sookie deliberately tries to
tune them in, first picking up Arlene’s thoughts about her new boyfriend’s
conviction that the world should be free of vampires. She zeros in on Tanya,
discovering that she is still in the pay of Sandra Pelt, who continues to be
determined to make Sookie’s life miserable. Sookie decides to consult Amelia and
confesses the entire story of Debbie Pelt’s death. They decide to bring in Octavia to
try to find a long-term fix without hurting Tanya.

Sookie remembers her promise to Copley, and right before she goes into work
she calls Fangtasia to ask Eric whom Copley should contact. During the
conversation Eric tells her more of his memories of their time together. Claudine
and Claude come into Merlotte’s to bring greetings from Niall, who is concerned
about his great-granddaughter. Copley has obviously jumped on the opportunity
to ingratiate himself with the new vampires and arrives for a meeting with Sandy
Sechrest, Felipe de Castro’s area rep.

Sam and Sookie talk a bit after closing, and he tells her about his family,
inviting her to his brother’s upcoming wedding. As they leave the bar, they come
across Niall standing in the moonlight, and Sookie introduces him to Sam. Niall is
worried that Sookie has been in danger the previous two nights and is not at all
happy that she was prevented from calling him for protection during the takeover.
He expresses his love for his great-granddaughter and his desire to do something
for her, but Sookie tells him she just wants him in her life. After he leaves, she tells
Sam that she wants to love Niall but finds him a little frightening.

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 16. Sookie awakens to find Octavia and Amelia in the
kitchen discussing how to deal with Tanya. Much to Sookie’s surprise, she realizes
that Amelia has already invited Octavia to move in, based on a casual offer of
Sookie’s. The two witches have Sookie ask Calvin Norris, who is currently seeing
Tanya, to stop by at lunchtime. The leader of the Hotshot werepanthers
immediately knows to whom Sookie is referring when she tells him that they have
a problem. When Sookie tells Calvin the whole story of her involvement with the
Pelts, he promises to bring Tanya there that night for the witches to work on if they
promise that Tanya won’t be harmed. Bob the cat strolls in, and Calvin recognizes
straightaway that Amelia’s magic doesn’t always work.

True to his word, Calvin arrives shortly after seven that evening with Tanya
carefully trussed up and slung over his shoulder. After the struggling young
woman inhales smoke from a potion lit in a bowl, she is placed on a chair
surrounded by chalk drawings, and Octavia begins to chant, pulling Tanya out
from under Sandra’s sway. When the spell is over, Tanya doesn’t remember why
she has been causing the mischief she has and is rid of Sandra’s influence. A
relieved Calvin takes Tanya back to Hotshot.

Sookie takes a break outside while the witches clean up. She sits in a lawn chair
out in the chill night air. Bill soon steps from the woods and sits with her. After a
few moments of silence, Bill tells Sookie that Selah Pumphrey has moved to Little
Rock to work for a firm that specializes in vampire properties and that he always
knew that Selah was more interested in him as a vampire than as a man. After
telling Sookie that there have been many like Selah, he informs Sookie that there is
only one her and leaves.

MONDAY, OCTOBER 17. After the turmoil of the previous week, Sookie
enjoys a quiet and peaceful day off.

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 18. Sookie works the day shift, serving lunch to Jason
and several of his co-workers. Jason tells her that he needs to ride over to Clarice to
pick up some fencing after work and asks her to check on Crystal after her shift.
Sookie stops by his house, calling out to Crystal as she opens the front door. She
hears a muffled moan and, worried that Crystal is miscarrying again, rushes into
the bedroom, only to find her pregnant sister-in-law having sex with one of Jason’s
co-workers. As Sookie marches out of the house, furious and disgusted, Calvin
pulls up, having also been asked by Jason to check in on Crystal. Jason knew that
both Calvin and Sookie would catch his wife being unfaithful. Calvin shares
Sookie’s anger and disgust, informing her that they will need to have the ceremony
to punish Crystal. Sookie remembers that at the couple’s wedding, she agreed to
stand in for Jason just as Calvin agreed to stand in for Crystal under certain
circumstances. Calvin calls Sookie later that evening to tell her to come to Hotshot
the following night.

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 19. Sookie drives out to Hotshot alone after work,
determined to face whatever may come. As Calvin stood for Crystal at her
wedding, promising to take the punishment for her actions should she violate the
covenant and be unable to face the penalty herself, Jason declares that Sookie will
administer the punishment to Calvin in his stead as well. The sentence for the
breaking of the wedding vows is the breaking of the symbolic panther claw, and
Sookie is forced to break Calvin’s fingers with a brick.

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 20–FRIDAY, OCTOBER 21. Sookie struggles with her
actions as she tries to go about her life. She knows that she was only following the
laws of Hotshot, but she feels guilty for hurting a man she respects and considers a
friend. Unwilling to even speak to Jason, she turns her back on him when he comes
into the bar. She hears through the grapevine that Calvin has passed his injury off
as the result of an accident that occurred while he was working on his truck.

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 22. Sam finally calls Eric in to speak to Sookie, hoping
to find out what is wrong. She is angered by Eric’s lack of compassion and stomps
out of Sam’s office, but she eventually manages to shake her black mood. When she
leaves work, she finds Eric waiting for her in the parking lot. She asks him about
the visiting Nevada king, Felipe de Castro, and they are both startled when Castro
suddenly appears to talk with Eric. After introducing herself to the dramatic King
of Nevada, Louisiana, and Arkansas, Sookie gets in her car to go home, but she has
to pull over when she suffers a panic attack caused by her worry over Eric. She
heads back to Merlotte’s, parking in the front lot and sneaking around to the back,
uncertain of what she will find. To her shock, she sees that Sigebert, Sophie-Anne’s
loyal bodyguard, didn’t die with his queen and has come seeking vengeance. Both
Eric and Felipe are bound with silver chains, obviously having already suffered at
Sigebert’s hands. Sam, an innocent bystander, is tied to the bumper of his own
truck. Sookie decides that her best weapon is her car, and she creeps back to it,
trying to figure out the best way to charge Sigebert without hitting anyone else.
Pulling around to the back, she accelerates and is able to hit him from the front and
then back over him. She jumps from the car to free Eric but is unable to unwrap the
chains. She frees Sam first so he can help. The moment Eric is able he leaps on
Sigebert and decapitates him, sending him to join his beloved maker. Felipe
proclaims himself in Sookie’s debt, but he and Eric both wonder how it is Sigebert
survived the takeover. Sam takes Sookie home, questioning her about whether the
price she has paid to know more about the supernatural world has been worth it.

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 23. Having been contacted by Felipe, Tray Dawson has
repaired Sookie’s car and returns it to her in the morning before she is due for her
shift at Merlotte’s. The big Were asks her to put in a good word for him with

MONDAY, OCTOBER 24. Running errands in town, Sookie sees Alcide, who
thanks her for her help. When she returns home, Amelia and Octavia are working
in the yard, and as they talk, Bob strolls over. Octavia proves her power by turning
Bob back into his human form, later admitting that she faked her initial failure so
that Amelia and Sookie would need her. Bob’s initial anger turns to devastation as
he learns about Hurricane Katrina.

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 25. Sookie takes Bob to Wal-Mart to buy clothing and
shoes, and she fixes an early supper of his favorite foods for them all before leaving
for work. She says good-bye to Bob, knowing he will be gone by the time she comes
home. He is heading back to New Orleans to find his family. Sookie contemplates
getting a real cat on her way to work.

Alcide stops by Merlotte’s to thank both Sam and Sookie for their help in the
Were war, and Eric and Pam soon arrive to announce that Felipe has given them
leave to offer Sookie their formal protection. Sam, Sookie, and Arlene decorate the
bar for Halloween after closing.

Sookie finds Niall waiting for her on her front porch when she gets home, and
he again asks if he can do any favor for her. After a bit of thought, she asks if he can
find a man named Remy Savoy. He leaves, happy to have some way to please his
new great-granddaughter.

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 26. Sookie wakes to find a magical message with an
address. Sookie drives out to Red Ditch to introduce herself to Hadley’s former
husband, Remy, and his four-year-old son, Hunter. She finds that the child shares
her telepathic gift. When she leaves, she promises his father that she will be there to
help the boy when the time comes.
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