Cast of Characters- The Others

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Cast of Characters- The Others

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Callisto (Mary Anne Forrester) (RIP)

Maenad. At the beginning of Living Dead in Dallas, Sookie meets Callisto, who is accompanied by a feral razorback pig, in the woods. Callisto wants tribute from Eric and, in order to convey this message, Callisto claws Sookie, which poisons her blood. The maenad appears for the last time at the secret sex party at the end of the book. The drunkenness and the lust of the party participants attract her. She kills Mike Spencer and the Hardaways (who are revealed to have killed Lafayette), and most of the other partyers, leaving a mess behind, which Bill and Eric clean up. It is implied that Sam and Callisto had a relationship, but she leaves Bon Temps to look for more tribute. Michelle Forbes portrayed her in the second season of the True Blood television series, where Callisto's name is changed to Maryann. Mary Anne takes over the entire town, including all of Sookie’s friends. She poisoned Bill when he attacked her and scratched Sookie’s back and nearly killed her. She believes if she sets up the best sacrifice, she will conjure her god Dionysus who will mate with her. To defeat her, Bill goes to the Queen of Louisiana and she tells Bill that the only way to kill her is to distract her into believing her god has come. With Bill’s help, Sam becomes the god who comes in the shape of a great white bull. He gores Mary Anne with his horn and then shifts to his human form and rips her heart out.

Mr. Cataliades

Semi-demon. Uncle to Diantha and her late sister, Gladiola. Lawyer for the Queen of Louisiana, Sophie-Anne Leclerq, in which capacity he handled the estate of Sookie's cousin Hadley, who was Sophie-Anne's former lover. His brother is a full demon.


Semi-demon. Niece of Mr. Cataliades and sister to the late Gladiola. She works for Queen Sophie-Anne Leclerq as a messenger. She is about five feet tall and known for wearing strange ensembles. She also talks very quickly, as if she does not breathe when talking.


Semi-Demon. late Niece of Mr. Cataliades and sister to Diantha. She also worked for Sophie-Anne Leclerq as a messenger. She is murdered in the novel Definitely Dead, likely by the King of Arkansas' minion, and left on Sookie's land. She is found later by her Sister, Uncle, and Sookie. It is said that Gladiola and Diantha were powerful together, even taking down groups of vampires.

Dr. Ludwig

Dr. Amy Ludwig is a doctor to supernatural beings. She is around three feet tall with a deep voice and Sookie thinks she resembled a Hobbit. She has a large nose and olive skin. Her hair is coarse golden brown and very thick and wavy. She heals Sookie in Living Dead in Dallas after she is poisoned by the claws of a maenad. Dr. Ludwig later comes to help Crystal at the request of Sookie. Dr. Ludwig's answering machine states that she is not accepting new patients. Marcia de Rousse portrays Dr. Ludwig in True Blood.

Jake Purifoy

A werewolf employed by Quinn, he is turned into a vampire by Sookie's cousin, Hadley, in Definitely Dead, in an effort to save him after another vampire drains him. Blinded by bloodlust, he attacks Sookie and Amelia when he first rises. Jake resents having been turned into a vampire as he is no longer able to turn into a wolf and no longer trusted by the werewolves of his pack. Because of the hatred between vampires and Weres, no Were would ever agree to be turned. Furthermore, due to his youth and Were heritage, he has to work hard to earn the respect and trust of the vampires.

Batanya and Clovache

Britlingans. These two females are partners who help protect a Vampire King in the novel All Together Dead. They are very muscular, and wear fighting armor at all times. They also have a variety of weapons. They live in a different dimension, and are brought to this dimension by witches in order to protect those that have hired them. Their fees cost a fortune and they are returned to their own dimension at the end of each contract. In the book All Together Dead, Batanya is the leader of the two, and Clovache is her subordinate.

Sources: Wikipedia, The Sookie Stackhouse Novels, Daydreaming Screen Caps


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