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Cast of Characters- The Humans

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Adele Hale Stackhouse (RIP)

She is Sookie and Jason's grandmother, and raised them after their parents were killed during their childhood. She is killed in the first novel, Dead Until Dark. Later in the book series, Sookie learns that Sookie's grandfather is not her biological grandfather. In the eighth book, From Dead to Worse, Sookie meets her great grandfather, Niall Brigant, a fairy prince who tells her that his son, Fintan, is her father's biological father.

Sookie continues to be guided and inspired by her late grandmother's wisdom. Adele's favorite bible quotation was, "Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof." (Matthew 6:34) She also told Sookie that "a woman - any woman worth her salt - could do whatever she had to." She is portrayed by Lois Smith in the HBO television series True Blood.

Andy Bellefleur

Andy is a detective in Bon Temps. In the fifth novel, Dead as a Doornail, he starts dating Halleigh Robinson, a young elementary school teacher, and in later novels they get married. Andy knows about Sookie's telepathic abilities but he does not want to accept anything supernatural. He tells Sookie that she and Jason should not be in Bon Temps and he calls Sookie a "genetic fluke". Also in the fifth novel, Andy shoots Sweetie Des Arts, a bitten shifter, who has been shooting other shifters and weres around Bon Temps. In the second novel, Living Dead in Dallas, Bill discovers that Andy and Portia Bellefleur are his direct descendants, and anonymously gives them large amounts of money, despite Portia and Andy scorning vampires and the supernatural of any kind. Andy Bellefleur is portrayed by Chris Bauer in the True Blood series. In season one, he is hot for the idea that Jason Stackhouse is the murderer and he is more understanding of Bill and Vampires in general. In season two, he teams up with Jason to try and get to the bottom of Mary Anne and even takes the wrap for the death of Eggs Talley. In season three, he becomes the acting sheriff for Bon Temps and tries to help Jason become a police officer.

Terry Bellefleur

Terry Bellefleur in the books is a battle scarred ex-POW and a veteran of the Vietnam War. In the show, he is an Iraq War vet who falls in love with Arlene Fowler and both fall under the spell of Mary Anne Forrester the maenad. Arlene discovers in season three she is pregnant and Terry thinks the baby is his, but it is actually the child of serial killer, Rene Lenier.

Arlene Fowler

She is Sookie's friend and fellow barmaid at Merlotte's. She has been married four times and has two children, Coby and Lisa. Sookie often babysits for them. She is introduced in the first novel, Dead Until Dark, and she often disapproves of Sookie's relationships with vampires, especially with Bill. Sookie thinks Arlene is occasionally tactless and reminds herself "to reevaluate why Arlene is her friend".[11] Later in the novels, their friendship sours. Arlene falls under the influence of her boyfriend, a member of The Fellowship of the Sun, and turns against Sookie. In Dead and Gone she tries to kill Sookie. Portrayed by Carrie Preston in the True Blood series. In season one she is engaged to Rene Lenier, the Bon Temps Strangler and then in season two gets involved with Terry and both fall under the spell of Mary Anne. In season three, she discovers she is pregnant and very likely by Rene, but she lets Terry think he is the father and he moves in with her and her kids. She has very anti Vampire views and is uncomfortable working with Jessica Hamby, Bill’s child.

Coby and Lisa

Arlene's children and the tasty little tea cups who went to see Eric while their momma was under the influence of the maenad.

Barry (The Bellboy) Horowitz

Human. Telepath. Barry is a bellboy at the Silent Shores Hotel for vampires in Dallas, and is the first telepath Sookie meets. They can communicate silently. He is first introduced in Living Dead in Dallas as a timid young man who does not want anyone to know about his abilities. He is inadvertently "outed" by Sookie when she calls upon him telepathically to rescue her. Sookie meets him again at the Vampire Summit conference in the seventh novel, All Together Dead. Sookie finds Barry more confident, and he is currently working for the King of Texas, Stan Davis. Barry enjoys money and buys himself designer clothes. He admits to fantasizing about being together with Sookie, but he realizes that is not to be when they meet again at the Summit, and he ends up being wary of Sookie and some of the things she has done. He is the first to discover the plot to bomb the hotel where the summit is held. After the devastating explosion, he and Sookie help rescue workers search for survivors in the rubble. At the end of this novel, they part on rocky terms because of the differences in their moral and ethical beliefs. Barry is portrayed by Chris Coy in the True Blood series.

Bud Dearborn

Sheriff of Bon Temps, superior officer to Andy Bellefleur. Often acts suspicious of Sookie Stackhouse. He is portrayed by William Sanderson in the HBO series True Blood. He retires at the beginning of season three and Andy becomes the acting sheriff.

Halleigh Robinson

First introduced in Dead as a Doornail, Halleigh is an elementary school-teacher and Andy Bellefleur's love-interest. She is portrayed as an attractive woman with short earlobe-length brown hair and brown eyes. Halleigh and Andy eventually marry.

Hoyt Fortenberry

He is Jason's childhood friend, though their relationship grows apart throughout the book series as Jason and Hoyt do not have a lot of things in common. Later in the books, Hoyt starts to date Holly Cleary. In the books, he is also described as being very sweet-natured and clean minded. Jim Parrack plays Hoyt in the HBO series True Blood, and the character's arc is much different from that in the book. Hoyt lives with his mother, who controls his life. In the TV series, Hoyt begins a romantic relationship with young vampire Jessica.

Hunter Savoy

Introduced in in the eighth novel, From Dead to Worse, as a four-year-old, he is Sookie's first cousin once removed (though he refers to her as "Aunt Sookie") and a telepath like her. Sookie, in Dead in the Family, tries to help him gain control over his telepathy but has problems with it because he is so young, yet mature for his age. Claude is the only one, besides Hunter's father and Sookie, to know he is a telepath, for the child's safety.

Jason Stackhouse

Sookie's older brother. He is known as a ladies man and is often associated with a lot of women of Bon Temps and other neighboring communities. He is selfish and often involves Sookie in his troubles. In the fourth novel, Dead to the World, he is kidnapped and bitten repeatedly by a were-panther and becomes "bitten not born". As a new member of the shifter community, he is suspected of shooting his fellow shifters, but the suspicions were dropped after Sookie was shot. He marries Crystal, a full-blooded werepanther, due to her pregnancy, but he is sincere when he says his vows. Crystal later has an affair and they separate. Ryan Kwanten portrays Jason Stackhouse in HBO's television series True Blood. In season one, he is pretty much the cock of walk but develops a bit of complex when he thinks he is competing with Vampires as a sexual champion. He does not approve of his sister dating Bill. When he is suspected of being the Bon Temps Strangler, he asks her to help him out. In the meantime, he continues to get himself in more and more trouble and ends up becoming a V addict with his last girlfriend Amy Burley. After he is thrown in jail and is visited by a representative of the Fellowship of the Sun, Jason is released when Rene is found to be the killer and he takes this as a sign from Heaven. He joins the Fellowship of the Sun. In season two, he attends a leadership conference and is drawn into Steve and Sarah Newlin’s plot to start a war with the Vampires and he even conducts an affair with Sarah Newlin until he finds out they have Sookie. He rescues Sookie with the help of Eric and Bill. Eric forgives Jason for using V and exploiting Vampires. Jason goes home to discover that Mary Anne has taken control of the town and with Andy Bellefleur’s help, he saves Sam’s life and they straighten out the town but in the end of the season, he shoots Eggs Talley. Season three sees Jason considering being a cop after he runs down a drug dealer and he gets into a relationship with a girl from Hot Shot, Crystal Norris, who has a dangerous secret.

Lafayette Reynold

He is the cook of Merlotte’s. In Living Dead in Dallas, Sookie describes him as “flamboyantly gay, make-up-and-long-fingernails gay.” He is cheerful, entertainingly mischievous, clever and a good cook. Nelsan Ellis plays Lafayette in the HBO series True Blood in which the story was altered to preserve the character for future episodes. On the TV show, Lafayette is the cousin of Sookie's best friend, Tara. He also has other jobs in addition to his job as a cook—he works on the same road crew as Jason Stackhouse, he runs an internet pornography site, and he sells illegal drugs, including "V"—vampire blood. He has a consensual relationship with the Vampire, Eddie Fornier who is trading sex for Vampire blood. Eventually Eddie is kidnapped by Jason and Amy Burley so they can drain him and gets blamed by Eric for his involvement and spends three weeks in Eric’s prison in the bottom of Fangtasia. He eventually goes to work for Eric, selling V for the bar owner at the behest of the Vampire Queen of Louisiana, Sophie Anne. Lafayette has an intense spiritual side which really comes out in season three and he is interested in a man named Jesus, the nurse who takes care of Lafayette’s mother and who may also practice a form of witchcraft.

Portia Bellefleur

Andy Bellefleur's sister. She is portrayed as "a plain woman just past thirty, whose best feature is her thick, shining chestnut hair". Portia is a lawyer who is proud of her family's once wealthy and distinguished heritage, which has been much tarnished by financial reversals, so that she and her brother now live with their grandmother Caroline in a decaying ante bellum mansion. Following the finding of Layfayette's dead body in her brother Andy's car in the novels, Portia begins casually dating Bill in order to find out any information that can clear her brother as Lafayette's killer. Because the murder is thought to be connected with some kind of sex parties, her thought is that dating a vampire will gain the attention of those holding the parties, so she will be invited and can find out more. Bill Compton later discovers that the Bellefleurs are his descendants and provides the family with an anonymous fortune from a "deceased relative", knowing that they would be horrified if he were to tell them the truth of the connection.

Remy Savoy

The widower of Sookie's cousin Hadley, and father to Sookie's young, telepathic cousin, Hunter Savoy. He is both confused by and concerned about his son's abilities, and turns to Sookie for help once Hunter begins to say things that alarm people.

Selah Pumphrey

Selah is a real estate saleswoman from Clarice. She is depicted as a slim brunette with shoulder-length hair. She is taller than Sookie and ten pounds lighter and has expensive, expertly done makeup. She is first introduced in the fifth novel, Dead as a Doornail, as Bill’s date. When Sookie reads her mind for the first time, Selah thinks she is slimmer, smarter, better educated, and has more money than Sookie, but she doubts her sexual skills because she believes lower-class women are better in bed. Sookie hates her immediately and thinks Selah is an elitist. Bill and Selah date until the eighth novel, From Dead to Worse when Selah moves to Little Rock because she has gotten a position from a larger firm, and Bill admits that he believes Selah was only interested in him because he's a vampire. Throughout Selah’s relationship with Bill, Bill has always told Sookie that he is still in love with Sookie.

Steve and Sarah Newlin

Steven Newlin is the director and spiritual leader of The Fellowship of the Sun (FotS), an anti-vampire church. Sarah is his wife. They are first introduced in the novels in the second book, Living Dead in Dallas. Steve is described as being tall and lanky with hazy blue eyes and dark brown hair. The FotS and Steve are directly linked to Farrell's (Stan Davis's nest brother) disappearance. When Sookie goes to investigate, she is captured by the Newlins and held in the basement of the FotS church. The Newlins plan to hold a ceremony in which the vampire Farrell will be forced to "meet the sun," which will cause him to burst into flame and die. They plan to tie Sookie to him so she will burn as well. Sookie escapes and foils their plans, but she meets Steve again in Club Dead, where he and a FotS fanatic try to stake a vampires in a Mississippi vampire bar. Sookie intervenes and Steve escapes. In the HBO TV show True Blood, Steve is played by Michael McMillian, and Sarah is played by Anna Camp. On the second season, they run the Light of Day Leadership Institute and train the Soldiers of the Sun. Jason is seduced first by their rhetoric and then by Sarah Newlin. Jason finally comes to his senses and assists Sookie and Bill and Eric to defeat the Newlins and escape. The Newlins then send a bomber to go into Godric’s lair and he detonates a bomb that kills a lot of humans and Vampires.

Tara Thornton

She is first introduced in the second novel, Living Dead in Dallas, as Sookie's childhood friend. She participates in Bon Temps' secret sex party where Lafayette is killed, and dates a vampire for a short while before settling down to a tamer existence with a mutual high school friend of hers and Sookie's, JB du Rone. Rutina Wesley portrays Tara Thornton in HBO's television series True Blood. In the show, she is Sookie’s childhood friend and very wary of Vampires. She is in love with Jason in S1 and has a relationship with Sam in S1. She falls in love with Eggs Talley in S2 and falls under the spell of the Maenad and ends up falling into the clutches of a demented Vampire named Franklin Mott in S3.

Joe Lee Mikens

Sam’s biological father and a non shifter. He exploited both Tommy and Melinda in the pits as animal fighters.

Hugo Ayres

The human lover of Isabel who betrays Sookie to the Fellowship of the Sun. He was a lawyer who defended Vampires in civil rights cases but became disillusioned by Vampires and was fed up with his addiction to Isabel and the levels he had drooped to in his service to Stan Davis. He was exiled from Dallas by Godric on the show, and he and Isabel were in Vampire jail where he would be later released and at the mercy of Isabel for his betrayal.

Officers Kenya and Kevin

In the books, they are portrayed as both partners in the field and off the field. In the show, they are both just good friends and colleagues. They are direct opposites of each other and are an interesting duo who work well with one another.

Lettie Mae Thornton

The mother of Tara, she is an alcoholic who in the first season goes to a hoo doo witch doctor for an exorcism. When she is exorcised, she becomes a real zealot and tries to take care of Tara but does not understand or see the depths of Tara's torment.

Maxine Fortenberry

Hoyt's momma. She is an overbearing, bigoted woman who fell under the spell of Mary Anne and her spells. She was married but her husband committed suicide though she tells Hoyt he was killed by a burglar. She hates the relationship between Hoyt and Jessica.

Eggs Talley (RIP)

Tara's much loved beau from season two, he was one of the minions of Mary Anne. He lived through the ordeal but could not remember that he had killed people. When Sookie helps him remember, he goes crazy and tries to kill Andy Bellefleur and Jason ends up shooting him.

Amy Burley (RIP)

Jason's hippy dippy girlfriend, she uses V though she does not see them as a natural part of the world's design and thus welcome to exploit them. She kills Eddie Fornier and is killed by Rene Lenier for being a "fang banger"

Mack and Denise Rattray (RIP)

A sleazy couple who have been in jail for draining Vampires. They trap Bill in Merlotte's parking lot and are in the process of draining him. Sookie saves Bill. Swearing to get revenge, they beat Sookie nearly to death the next night. Bill kills them and makes it look like they were killed in a freak tornado.

Dawn Green (RIP)

A fellow waitress and victim of the Bon Temps Strangler, she is a wild child who liked Jason and a certain blond Vampire with a lot of hair that has tasted her before. (Wonder who that would be?)

Maudette Pickens (RIP)

A pitiful sort of girl and below the dignity for a certain Vampire (who shall remain nameless..) she eventually did hook up with a Vampire and videoed the occasion and shared it with Jason, who was her part time lover. She was killed by the Bon Temps Strangler.


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