Cast of Characters- The Witches and Wiccans

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Cast of Characters- The Witches and Wiccans

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Amelia Broadway

Amelia Broadway is an up and coming witch that appears in Definitely Dead. She was the landlady of Sookie's cousin Hadley in New Orleans. She accidentally turns a fellow witch named Bob into a cat (that Sookie and Amelia keep as a pet). She promptly leaves the city of New Orleans with Sookie to stay until things blow over. Her father is a very wealthy and well known building contractor in the lumber business. She is also bisexual and had a brief relationship with Pam before she begins a relationship with Tray Dawson.

Holly Cleary

Human. Wiccan. Barmaid with Sookie at Merlotte’s. She is introduced in the second novel, Living Dead in Dallas, and is a minor character throughout the books though her character is further developed in the fourth book, Dead to the World. Holly had married right out of high school and gotten divorced within five years. As a Wiccan, not a witch, Holly practices a little witchcraft but is primarily interested in the Wiccan life.[33] She has a son, Cody, who is five years old when Holly is introduced. None of the humans in Bon Temps know she follows the Wiccan religion. Later in the books, Holly starts dating Hoyt Fortenberry. Lauren Bowles portrays Holly on HBO's adaptation of the books, True Blood.

Hallow Stonebrook

Also known as Marnie Stonebrook. She was a witch and werewolf (who also drinks vampire blood), and was portrayed as being tall, slim and broad-shouldered with short brown thick hair. She led the coven trying to grab a large chunk of the Shreveport vampires' businesses and money. When Sookie tried to “listen” in, Hallow sensed that someone was reading her mind. After she un-hexed Eric, she was eventually killed by Pam.

Mark Stonebrook

The brother of Hallow and he is killed in the battle in the fourth book.

Octavia Fant

Octavia is a witch and Amelia's mentor and teacher. She is the primary person that Amelia is hiding from after she moves in with Sookie. After Octavia tracks Amelia down, she ends up staying with Sookie and Amelia for a short time before returning to New Orleans with her boyfriend, Louis, who she'd lost touch with during Hurricane Katrina.

Jesus Velesquez

A nurse working at a nursing home where Lafayette’s mother is, he seems to be a witch practitioner of some sort who recognizes some level of magikal ability in Lafayette.

Bob the Cat

Bob was the hapless boyfriend of Amelia Broadway. He was accidentally transformed into a cat after a rather adventurous night of sex after some heavy magik. Octavia Fant finally returns him to his true form.

Miss Jeanette (RIP)

A Hoo Doo exorcist who is actually a fraud, gives Tara and Lettie Mae an exorcism and though she is found out by Tara to be a fraud, Lettie Mae still believes in her. She is killed and found in the back of Andy Bellefleur’s car. It was later discovered, by the audience at least, that she was murdered by Mary Anne and Eggs. I add her here because even though she was a fraud, her use of ritual did conjure Mary Anne.

Sources: Wikipedia, The Sookie Stackhouse Novels, Daydreaming Screen Caps

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