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Post  Dragonhawk on Fri Oct 21, 2011 10:02 pm

Features of the Forum

To fix your siggies:

At the top of the forum, just under the banner, you will see a button that reads Profile...Click on that...

Right over the title Registration Information- View My Profile you will see seven tabs. The one called Signature will control your personal signature image and text and the one called avatar will control your choice of avatar....

Load your picture to photobucket and an use the last link...the img link in the post box....and in the avatar, you can either upload from your own computer or you may use the link to an off site avatar to apply your avatar...

Also...we have a chat box at the bottom of the forum..It enter, you must be logged onto the site, then go to the chat box and where it says Chatbox on the far right hand side, click log in...and you are in...

The smilies are in transition...so be patient..I will add more smilies soon....

If you have questions, just ask...we are all learning...

Features of the Forum BoyfriendisYummy

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