Plots from the Later Books that have Appeared in the Series

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Plots from the Later Books that have Appeared in the Series

Post  Aslinn Dhan on Tue Jan 17, 2012 4:03 pm

Plots from the Later Books that have appeared in the Series

Season One:

The Trial before the Magister (Bill and Eric)- The only trial in the books is the trial of Sophie Anne before the Ancient Pythoness in All Together Dead.

Season Two:

The explosion at Godric’s lair- The only explosion of a Vampire gathering in the Sookie books is the explosion at the Pyramid Hotel at Rhodes in All Together Dead.

Sam comes out of the doghouse- The only time Sam comes out of the doghouse is to Sookie in Dead Until Dark and when all of the two natured come out in Dead and Gone.

Eggs dies- Eggs does die, but not until sometime after the orgy in Living Dead in Dallas. We are told he died of a heart attack in Club Dead.

Season Three:

Franklin Mott- Franklin Mott does make his appearance in Club Dead but he is combined with the character Mickie, a child of Salome, in Dead as a Doornail and he does not die, yet. He is on the run from his maker the last time we hear of him.

Tommy the dog fighter- Pit fighting shifters are not introduced to us until All Together Dead when Quinn is revealed to have been a pit fighter to pay back Vampires who helped him with his mom who was driven crazy.

Sookie learns of Bill’s mission- Sookie broke up with Bill because of his infidelity with his maker, Lorena, in Club Dead. She does not learn of Bill’s mission until Definitely Dead.

The Death of Sophie Ann- Sophie Ann does not die until From Dead to Worse in a coup by the King of Nevada.

Season Four:

Closing the Faerie Portals: This happens at the end of Dead and Gone and the end of the Fae War.

The Death of Claudine- Claudine does die but not at the hand of Eric. She dies during the fae wars in Dead and Gone, protecting Sookie.

Eric remembers his affair with Sookie- Eric does eventually remember the affair with Sookie when he was cursed by Marnie but he doesn’t do that until From Dead to Worse.

Eric and Pam come to blows- They do get into a physical confrontation but not until Dead in the Family.

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