Insidious A Haunted Boy Story?

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Insidious A Haunted Boy Story?

Post  Barrister on Fri Oct 21, 2011 2:31 am


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Re: Insidious A Haunted Boy Story?

Post  Aslinn Dhan on Sun Jan 20, 2013 4:12 pm

Just saw this movie and I hate it when this happens when you have a perfectly good premise for a movie and all you can say is you have seen this bit before in some other movie. When you watch Insidious, all you will be saying is I have seen this in Poltergeist.

The movie is about a family who moves into this big house with their three children. One of the children, a boy, falls from a ladder in the attic and while he seems perfectly fine, he slips into a coma by morning and all sorts of weirdness begins to happen.

The wife decides there is something wrong with the house and she talks her husband into moving again. The scary stuff doesn't stop, it just increases. Come to find out, the boy is not in a coma, he is just astral projected into a place called the further.

Call in two ghost hunters, who are the forward observers for a psychic seer. Yeah, get the picture now? The house is not haunted, the boy is. And come to find out, so was the dad.

The story comes complete with evil looking characters that looked like they escaped from a lunatic asylum for a carnival and something wicked this way comes in the form of a lipstick demon...yeah, who knew right? Dad, in shades of Poltergeist, must now go into the further to rescue his boy.

The story suffers from under development and haunted house clich├ęs and more copy catting than you can shake a stick at and the scariest bits were in the promo trailer. Still if you have nothing else to watch and you want some entertainment, give this movie a whirl...

Aslinn Dhan

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