Character List- The Vampires

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Character List- The Vampires

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Alexei Romanov

Introduced in Dead in the Family, the character is the vampire incarnation of the historical prince Alexei Nikolaevich, the last Tsarevich of Russia. He was sired by Appius Livius Ocella, thus, making him Eric Northman's vampire "brother". He was spoiled while alive due to his hemophilia and his royal position, and was psychologically scarred by the massacre of his entire family.

After Ocella made him a vampire, he was obligated to become Ocella's lover. The combination of factors made Alexei mentally unstable and uncontrollable even decades after becoming a vampire.

Alexei meets the final death by the hand of Eric.

Andre Paul

Andre is queen Sophie-Anne's second in command and her vampire "offspring" and her lover. Sookie considers him very frightening and, at one point, makes an attempt to force her to drink his blood in order to have more control over her as she is his Queen's employee. At this point Eric steps in and Sookie drinks his blood instead. Andre is staked by Quinn in order to free Sookie of his malign control.

Appius Livius Ocella

Introduced in Dead in the Family, he was Eric Northman's maker. He lured Eric by feigning injury at the side of the road and obliged Eric to be his lover after changing him. In the early 20th century, to express his dislike of the Bolsheviks, he converted the last heir of the Russian royal family, but Alexei proved to be a difficult vampire "child". It is possible that he does not exist at all in the TV series True Blood, as Eric's maker was changed to Godric.


Bubba is Elvis Presley in vampire form. A morgue attendant who was a vampire and a big fan discovered the King slightly alive. The misguided vampire decides to make the overdosed Elvis undead, but the resulting creature, answering only to “Bubba”, is brain damaged by or before the process. The other vampires treat him as a dimwitted errand boy and try to keep him out of the public and clear of any household pets, as he likes to drink the animals' blood (cats being a particular favourite). Bubba is always cheerful, goodwill radiating from his fearsome smile. (But never call him Elvis.) He will sing only when he feels like it. In the third novel, Club Dead, Sookie says that “though every now and then, he exhibited a streak of shrewdness” he follows directions quite literally.

Chow Lin

(born 1860, made vampire 1901) lived a solitary life in small village in Central China, working as a carpenter. The only joy in his life came from watching the widow next door, for whom he pined for over 10 interminable years. When a vampire attacked her at night on a lonely street, he offered his life for hers. The vampire accepted and made Chow a vampire. Chow thought he’d finally won the woman’s affections, but instead, she recoiled, leaving him to an eternity of loneliness.

Chow is a member of Louisiana's Area Five vampire district. He is an Asian vampire with a small build and long black hair. He is no more than five foot seven and every inch of his visible skin (except for his face) is covered with intricate yakuza tattoos. He acts as a bartender in Fangtasia some nights, and sits around other nights to let patrons approach him. He is first introduced in the second book, Living Dead in Dallas, as a replacement of Fangtasia’s former bartender, Longshadow. Chow is killed in the fourth book, Dead to the World, when fighting against the coven of witches. Chow is portrayed by Patrick Gallagher in the True Blood series.

Godric (aka Godfrey) (RIP)

While "Godric" was this character's real name, he went by the name "Godfrey" for his last hundred years. Godric was an ancient and immensely powerful vampire who became a "renouncer"—a vampire who rejects his vampiric status. He allied with the anti-vampire sect, The Fellowship of the Sun, and decided to commit suicide by "meeting the sun". While he appeared to be a fresh-faced, blond-haired sixteen-year old with pale blue eyes, he was actually over two thousand years old. His body was covered with ancient blue runic tattoos dating from Roman times.[2] Godric was a killer, particularly of children, whose enormous guilt and grief made his "existence turn sour on him", so he approached the Fellowship of the Sun, and they were only too eager to assist in his suicide. He saves Sookie from being raped and she, in return, convinces him not to kill himself as part of a Fellowship publicity and recruitment ceremony, but to instead end his life on his own terms.

Danish actor Allan Hyde portrays Godric on the HBO's television series True Blood. In the TV series, Godric is Eric Northman's maker. In the books, Eric's maker is a Roman Vampire named Appius Livius Ocella.

Felipe de Castro

The Vampire king of Nevada. The Nevada vampires take over Sophie-Anne's Louisiana and Arkansas territories in the eighth book, From Dead to Worse. Sookie saves his life after he is attacked by Sophie-Anne's child and bodyguard Sigebert.

Franklin Mott (RIP)

Vampire and Tara's companion/Sugar Daddy. He is described as having iron gray hair and mustache. Sookie thinks he must have been in his fifties or early sixties when he was turned into a vampire. She describes him as being “vigorous and very masculine” and having an Italian accent. In book 5, "Dead as a Doornail", he dumps Tara and puts her up as a debt payment to Mickey. He is played by actor James Frain in the HBO series, "True Blood". Franklin on the show seems to be an amalgamation of Mickey and Franklin Mott. On the show he is a crazy Vampire who works as a Vampire private investigation in the service of the King of Mississippi who fixates on Tara and discovers Bill kept a file on Sookie.

Franklin is killed by Jason Stackhouse

Judith Vardamon

Introduced in Dead in the Family, she was sired by Lorena to try and keep Bill to stay at her side, since she looked like his late wife. She is later contacted by Sookie Stackhouse and heals Bill of his silver poisoning.

Lorena Ball (Krasiki) (RIP)

Vampire and Bill Compton's maker and one-time lover. She is first introduced in the third book, Club Dead. She summoned Bill to Mississippi and captured him in order to steal his secret project for the queen of Louisiana. Even though she is killed by Sookie when trying to rescue Bill, she is mentioned in subsequent novels. She is portrayed as being blonde and having brown eyes and a smaller build than Sookie's. [3] In subsequent books, Sookie learns that Bill was going to leave her because Lorena had ordered him to do so. Mariana Klaveno portrays Lorena in HBO's television series True Blood, in which her name is changed to Lorena Krasiki. In her biography it is stated that she is 250 years old. In the show, Bill suggests that she had a violent relationship with her maker, engaging in his evil lusts. It is further suggested she may have been a prostitute or at least posed as one to get victims for her maker.

(born 1759, made vampire 1777) was the illegitimate child of an unmarried lady-in-waiting to Empress Maria Theresa of Austria, who arranged for the bastard child to be raised by the Nuns of the Ursuline Convent in Vienna. Lorena was a well-behaved child and model student, although as a lover of nature she would spend hours roaming the countryside gathering flowers, telling the sisters who admonished her, “God is not just in these walls. God is in the world.” As fate would have it, the evening before she was to take her vows to join the order herself, she stayed out after dark and was turned by a Gypsy vampire named Istvan.

In the books, Lorena was made by a Vampire called Solomon who met Lorena when she was a prostitute in New England. The two were sort of ignorant about how to be Vampires and they search out others of their kind to learn how to be Vampires and they are very successful. Finally though, one night they have a falling out and part ways.

Luisa Ella Prescott

(born 1801, made vampire 1821) born into a poor family in Kentucky, was a tough, independent-minded girl from the beginning. In 1819, she opened a safe-house for slaves who had joined the Underground Railroad. Risking severe punishment and death, she helped free up to three hundred slaves, until one of them turned on her and turned her in 1821.

She is the Magister's Enforcer.


Vampire: a mean-spirited man who prefers the old ways. He is depicted in the novels as slim with narrow shoulders and slicked-back hair. He has long fingernails and a sharp face. Sookie describes his eyes as "cold and hostile as a snake’s.”

Hadley Delahoussaye

Sookie’s only cousin, Hadley is introduced posthumously in Charlaine Harris’ 2005 short story "One Word Answer". In her human years, Hadley was popular in high school, a cheerleader and even Miss Bon Temps. She got involved with drugs and prostitution during her junior year of high school and ran away to New Orleans. In the short story, Sookie learns that Hadley was turned into a vampire by the Queen of Louisiana, Sophie-Anne Leclerq. Waldo, a vampire who was jealous of Hadley's position as a favorite of the queen, staked Hadley. In the sixth book, Definitely Dead, Sookie goes to New Orleans to deal with Hadley's estate. She learns that Hadley was once married and divorced, and that she had originally informed the queen about Sookie's mindreading ability. In From Dead to Worse, Sookie learns that Hadley also gave birth to a child, now being raised by her ex-husband. The child, Hunter, also has mind-reading skills.[4] In HBO's television series True Blood, Hadley is portrayed by Lindsey Haun. In the show, Hadley is sent to Sookie by Eric to warn her that Russell Edgington is coming after Sookie and and not to trust Bill. Her departing thoughts warn Sookie that Hadley was the one who told the queen that she was a telepath and a fae.

Pam Swinford de Beauforte (Internet name: Ravenscroft)

Vampire. Eric's second in command and 'child' (Eric turned her into a vampire). She is described as looking like a young suburban housewife, but mostly as "Alice in Wonderland with fangs". She is sarcastic and a has a special sense of humor. She likes to read Dear Abby. Sookie describes her as one of the very few vampires she would call her friend. Kristin Bauer van Straten portrays vampire Pam in HBO's television series True Blood.

Pam in the books was turned Vampire by Eric. He saw her going back to her house after an assignation with a cousin's friend. Eric caught her, made her, laid her in her own bed and her family buried her, thinking she was dead. Eric then dug her up from her grave and explained what he had done to her. They were lovers briefly until Pam explored her other nature and they have been close friends and partners ever since. Pam is known to have said that Eric liberated her.

Peter Threadgill

Vampire. King of Arkansas and husband of Sophie-Anne Leclerq. He was killed by Sophie-Anne's child and second-in-command Andre during Peter's failed attempt to take over Louisiana. It appears that Peter has been replaced by Russell Edgington.

Russell Edgington

Russell is the vampire king of Mississippi. A small vampire with red hair and thick southern accent. He is first introduced in third novel, Club Dead, at the vampire bar Josephine’s (known as Club Dead by the Weres). Described as the perfect southern gentleman, Russell prefers men. Talbot is his steady human companion.[5] In Dead as a Doornail, the fifth book, Sookie learns that he collects the "unusual".[6] In the seventh novel, All Together Dead he marries the King of Indiana, Bartlette Crowe, and it appears to be a love match (marriages between vampire kings and queens are usually political unions and not a union of love). Actor Denis O'Hare portrays the vampire king of Mississippi in the third season of True Blood. On the show, Russell is a 2800 year old Vampire of ancient celtic stock and may have been a Druid. He uses werewolves as his private army. He overthrows Sophie Anne and forces the Magister to marry them and then kills the Magister. He has a royal consort, a Vampire named Talbot whom he turned 700 years ago. Apparently when Eric was still human, Russell and his weres killed Eric’s family and stole his father’s crown and Eric swore revenge against Russell. To humans, he is a wealthy antiques dealer.

Talbot (RIP)

Royal consort to the King of Mississippi and child of same. He was turned 700 years ago and was sent to the final death by Eric in part of a revenge plot by him.


Sigebert (pronounced "SEE-ya-bairt") is one of two vampire brothers who are bodyguards to Sophie-Anne Leclerq. After the fall of the Louisiana regime and takeover by the Nevada vampires, Sigebert attempts to kill the king of Nevada, Felipe de Castro, and Eric Northman. He is eventually subdued and killed with Sookie's help.

Sophie-Anne Leclerq

Sophie-Anne is the vampire queen of Louisiana; a beautiful woman, pale as milk, with reddish brown hair, large and tilted brown eyes. She is a smart and strategic leader within the vampire hierarchy. She sends Bill to Bon Temps to investigate Sookie's abilities. Evan Rachel Wood portrays vampire Sophie-Anne in HBO's television series True Blood. In the books, her name was Judith and she became a Vampire after being prostituted by a pimp. Andre, her child and lover was being treated the same way.

Stan Davis (RIP)

Stan Davis is vampire sheriff of Dallas, and his normal guise is that of a nerd: taped glasses, short sleeved button up shirt, etc. He is first introduced in the second novel, Living Dead in Dallas, when he requests the services of Sookie to help him find his missing nest brother, Farrell. Telepath Barry (the bellboy) Horowitz works for him after discovering, in the second novel, that another telepath lives in Dallas. In the seventh book, All Together Dead, Stan became King of Texas. Ed Quinn portrays Stan Davis in HBO's television series True Blood. In the show, Stan is not a sheriff, just one of Godric minions and he is killed in the bombing of Godric’s lair.


Wybert is one of two vampire brothers who are bodyguards to Sophie-Anne Leclerq. During a battle between the Louisiana and Arkansas vampires, Wybert is beheaded.

Jessica Hamby

Jessica is the teenage Vampire child of Bill Compton. She was created as a form of punishment for Bill killing Long Shadow, the bartender at Fangtasia. She was kidnapped and she comes from an ultra conservative family. She cannot get the hang of drinking True:Blood and this gets her in trouble. Bill is also an indifferent and often absent Vampire Maker and she has to learn to be a Vampire more or less on her own with sporadic help from Pam. Bill tries to keep her existence a secret from Sookie but this does not pan out and Sookie tries to help her, but she ends up getting between Bill and Jessica at odds with the Maker/Child relationship. Jessica falls in love with Hoyt but there is a major roadblock to their relationship. Jessica was a virgin when she was made Vampire and now each time she has sex, her virginity renews itself and every time is the first time. Hoyt reaches the end of his rope with Jessica when she attacks his mom while she is the grips of the Maenad’s spell and Hoyt becomes angry and breaks up with her. In her sadness, Jessica goes hunting and kills a trucker.

Longshadow (RIP)

(born 1752, made vampire 1790) was a member of the Huron tribe who grew up amidst the terror and strife of the French and Indian War. A skilled and merciless warrior, Longshadow fought for both sides, always available to the highest bidder. He met his Maker at a tavern in upstate New York.

Taryn O’Malley

(born 1825, made vampire 1848) hails from Ireland. Taryn escaped The Great Potato Famine of 1845 by immigrating to America after her parents died. Landing in Baltimore, Taryn turned to prostitution to support her family. She was made vampire while walking the docks in 1848.

Malcolm Beaumarchais (RIP)

(born 1760, made vampire 1793) was the illegitimate child of a Persian whore who left him in a gutter shortly after birth. He was taken in and brought up by a band of traveling beggars and thieves, who sold him to the Marquis de Sade at 15, for whom he served as a valet until he escaped two years later to join a Dutch circus. He was turned during the Reign of Terror by a former aristocrat, who remembered him from an orgy in 1776 at Sade’s castle in Lacoste. Sade’s pet name for Malcolm was “le garcon de l’eau.”

Liam McKnight (RIP)

(born 1959, made vampire 1987) spent years playing bass for the punk metal band Anarchy Rains through the Southeast, until a man posing as manager of a record label lured Liam and his band members into a “studio,” drank them whole, and made Liam a perpetual 28-year old. Once he became immortal and developed a taste for human blood, Liam discovered just how anarchy really does reign.

Diane Virginia Hardwicke (RIP)
(born 1904, made vampire 1938) ended her human life in Niagara Falls, Canada, the night the Honeymoon Bridge collapsed. Diane had been brought there on a “second honeymoon” by her husband Virgil, with whom she had a tumultuous relationship in which Diane was berated for being barren. This trip turned out to be their last together. No deaths were reported, but Diane knows better.

She and Liam and Malcolm are burned alive in their home in Monroe, Louisiana by some red necks

Nan Flanagan

She is the public face of the Vampire Rights movement and the American Vampire League. She may also be a member of the Authority. She has the ability to fire and presumably hire sheriffs and she can send Vampires up for legal charges to the Magister. Little is known about her back story.

Magister (RIP)

(born 1462, made vampire 1525) known currently as The Magister. Jorje was the pride of his relatively poor family when ordained as a monk in 1484. A fervent believer in the necessity of the Spanish Inquisition, he became one of the more feared “inquisitors” in Seville and oversaw countless trials and executions, including some of his own relatives. When made vampire against his will, as retribution for his role in the Counter-Reformation, he turned his misfortune into an opportunity to continue to pursue the same goals he had in life: rooting out subversives and heretics to uphold the common good. Posing as a human for centuries, he served as an advisor to Stalin and s Eichmann’s right-hand man, then shortly after World War II he was tapped to be Vampire Magister of North America, where he relishes his power to implement the laws of his own kind for eternity. He is murdered by Russell Edgington, the King of Mississippi, after he pronounces him and Sophie Anne man and wife.

Eddie Fornier (RIP)

(born 1951, made vampire 2007) grew up in Tennessee and attended Louisiana State University. Eddie met his future bride, Vivian, in the LSU Marching Band, where Eddie played the French Horn. Shortly after graduation, Eddie and Vivian married. They have two children: Marc, aged eleven, and Polly, aged nine. Vivian left Eddie in 2007 when he admitted his homosexuality, and shortly after that he was turned by a vampire in Shreveport.

He was murdered by Amy Burley and Jason Stackhouse


She is Godric's second in command in area nine and had a human lover named Hugo Ayers who betrayed Sookie to the Fellowship of the Sun. When Godric is removed from his position as the sheriff of area nine, Isabel is made sheriff

Jade Flower

Peter Threadgill's guard and she was the one who killed Gladiola in Sookie's garden in Defintitely Dead.

Victor Madden

Appears in Dead and Gone as Felipe De Castro's representative to handle Louisianna, and plays a major part in Eric's delay to get to Sookie. I predict that there will be some major story lines involving him in #11.


Appears in Definitely Dead, he is one of Sophie Ann's guards, also shows up in Dead in the Family.


Mentioned in Definitely Dead, as he killed Hadley, but his story is in One word Answer.

Charles Twinning

Appears in Dead as a Doornail. He is the bartender at Fangtasia that burns Sookie's house down. He was a pirate buccaneer who was made a Vampire when they boarded a ship with no living crew.


bartender at Fangtasia after the death of Chow Lin, that shows up in Dead to the world and is servely injured in the witch war, he shows back up in Dead and Gone, and dies in the Faerie war.


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